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I also enjoy scrapbooking. I'm making an Army one for DH currently. I'm almost done his Germany section. We're going to get some pictures of here in KY and I'm going to do an Iraq section for him next. He's going to send home pictures while he is there and I'll work on it while he is away. It might help me feel closer to him.

I also crochet, read, bake, cook, cake decorate... ummmm.... play sims I'm going to be going back to the gym finally. I also really like make up (not in a weird vain way) and I like organizing it by color..... yeah I'm a dork.
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I like photography, scrapbooking, gardening and I used to cross stitch a lot, but haven't done it in a while. I love to read and lately I have slowly been decorating our new house (as time and money permit ) Oh yea - I like cooking also!
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I like working on Latch Hook Designs, Puzzles, and restoring old photos
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My hobby is reading this forum and answering and asking question and playing on pogo
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Well gardening (all types) is my biggest hobby and soon to be my profession!!
I just took a knitting class last week so I have to really practice that. I also like to paint but its the painting where you but the books and transfer the pattern into wood, fabric and then "paint". I use to cross stitch alot and do stamping stuff.
I like to sew and embroider esp pillows, or stuff for halloween and christmas.
I "make" concrete hosta leaves or sometimes use other types of leaves too.
And last yr learned how to weld and will pursue that a bit more. I would like to supplement my landscaping with making funky "yard art".
Once I fix my computer probs w/my camera I'll post examples.
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I really enjoy spending time with my husband, reading, and working out. Actually, often times I get to combine my hobbies. For example, right now my husband and I are reading The Chronicles of Narnia together. We also workout together a few times a week.
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I love to read, spend time outside (especially hiking), cook and play with my nieces and nephews ages, 10, 5, 16 months and 6 months.
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Originally Posted by stormy
I did a search and there is a thread for this subject but it is from 2003. I though we could do an updated thread on it.

My hobbies are really crafts but I think they count as a hobby! They are crocheting and knitting, though I crochet much more than I knit.

What's yours?
I love crocheting and although I knit I prefer crochet. I actually won first prize for a cotton turquoise sweater that I knit in our local fall fair.

I also LOVE golf.
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Well, I spend a lot of time on the computer. I'm always looking up info on better ways to care for my pets. And if I get the idea of wanting a new pet that isn't a dog or cat, I look up info on them to see if I still want one! Haven't gotten anything new yet, but I'm thinking hard about firebelly toads :-)
I also like to just be outside. I have a garden this year, and although the tomatoes and sunflowers are the only things that did well, I'm enjoying that and working on how to make it better next year.
I used to read a lot, but I don't get much time for that. If I try to sit on the couch and read, my 3 year old won't leave me alone!
I also have a passion for horses, but don't have any right now, and can't afford gas to go anywhere to ride! Gas is way too expensive!
That about does it for me. I have a lot of other things I do, but I don't consider them hobbies, more of necessity (home repairs, etc).

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Listen Music and Watch F-1 Races!!
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My hobbies are cat training mostly with clicker training, nature and wildlife PHOTOGRAPHY, and art.[IMG][/IMG]
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My current hobby is making cat and dog toys/beds - mostly from cloth type materials. It's a small business that I use for a tax deduction today that will one day help pay for my retirement.

I love to travel and go to obscure places that the average person doesn't see. Love to hike and travel the back roads.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn
MMORPGs, RPGs, reading, and my much neglected hobby of building Victorian dollhouses.
Wow, we have very similar hobbies my much neglected dollhouse being the only difference

Oh and of course collecting Anime...lol
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