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Wierd pets of mine....

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Piper (1yro pomeranian: 8.3lbs)
Cosmo (7 1/2wk kitten: 1.7lbs)

Came home today to find Piper asleep in Cosmo's litterbox....

Cosmo decided that he is the size of a bobcat and tried to leap from the staircase landing today... but landed on all fours! LOL

Piper loves catnip and tried to eat one of Cosmo's toys (freak)

Cosmo ran off with piper's chew toy today and hid it under the sofa so Piper couldnt get it, so then Piper starts barking her head off and then takes a running start and RAMS the cat with her head....

Piper sleeps on her back and cosmo climbs on her belly and sleeps... its too cute its discusting lol

They finish each others food bowls

Cosmo backed Piper into her crate today and managed to shut the door, then promptly decided to fall asleep in front of the crate so piper had to push her way out and move the cat to get out. lol.

My pets are freaks.... major freaks... lol

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Ah, that's the best story I've heard all day!!! Your pets are awesome!!! Aren't they just the lights of your life???
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They are definately entertaining! LOL. Its so wierd to think Cosmo has only been a part of our lives for less than a week lol. They have grown so attached to each other its unnerving sometimes LOL. Piper is spoiled rotten though, i swear when we have kids.... whew... lol
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I bet life is never boring in your household. . . Makes things very interesting, as the proud owner of now seven cats, i have firmly decided that all of them are weird or freaks, I don't have any "normal" cats. I love it. You have gorgeous animals!!
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Hummm...is there really such thing as a "normal cat"? I call mine abnormal too...but I can't think of a single cat that I've ever met where I've said "now that's an average cat!"
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