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underweight.. need portions advice

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my kitty is underweight and i'm trying to plumpin' her up. my vet gave me this syringe to help me feed her, but i don't know how much of the syringe i need to feed her. if anyone knows the answer to this question i'd be very grateful since the syringe doesn't have any measurements on it. the syringe has this written on it: monoject 412 -- how much does one syringe have? how many of these should i feed her per day? the vet told me to feed her one syringe full of a special food she gave me.. but what about for the rest of the day and her normal food?

stupid questions since i should have asked the vet when we were there yesterday morning.. so if no one has an answer i'll wait to ask her on Friday and just wing it til then. thanks
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Hmmm to be honest I don't really know!! BUT, there are people on here that will know.... hope the come along soon!!! (Im sure they will!) Sorry I can't be of any help! Just wanted to say - hope it goes well and you end up with a nice "tubby" little kitty!! hee hee
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I think it is very wise if you ask your VET!!
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Please call you vet and ask, they will help.

P.S. It really depends on how old the cat/kitten is.
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I am unsure of how much that particular syringe holds. All the vets I have known recomend different things for this. Tomorow is Friday, so she should be fine until you can ask the vet.
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ok, thanks
actually, she has really started eating up well. now she doesn't struggle to eat (she would sway her head back and forth to avoid the food before) and she is also snacking on the hard food some more too. things are looking better.
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