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I love the vet!

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My mom called me today and told me that she walked out to get the mail and there was a sympathy card from the vet. it said something like "We're sorry for your loss. In loving memory of Max" and there was his pawprint on the card!! How sweet of a gesture. One of my coworkers also said her vet takes the paw and makes a pawprint in concrete and puts string on it for a nice momento. I never knew vet's took time out of their work to think about something like this.

And we also found out Max was 15 years old! Not the original 12 years we thought he was! So I now know he lived a nice life.

Thank you,everyone, for all the prayers you sent!

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That's so wonderful! Its nice to know we have such caring people watching out for our furbabies!
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Thats so sweet
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That is such a nice gesture.

A few years back some friends of mine had their old cat put to sleep. A few weeks later they got a card from the vet saying that the vet hospital had made a donation to a local animal-related charity in memory of their cat.
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Aww, that's nice!
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My vet sent me a sympathy card too when Killian left us It didn't have his paw print but it was a nice gesture.. made me cry even more but it was nice of them...
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That was really nice of your vet. I'm glad it brought you comfort.

Good Bye!
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Our vet does this sort of thing, too -- sympathy cards, and in the case of Nibs, who was euthanized and cremated, his paw print in a little ceramic disc, that we now have framed on our bedroom wall. They take care of the humans as well as the critters.
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My vet did that for me when my beloved dog Scamper was put down as well. It really does help to heal the wound to know how much they truly do care!
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My vet did that too when my Tigger was put to sleep. Made me cry even more that they had been sweet enough to bother
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I am so glad that the vet's card helped you with your grief. I am sorry about your loss, and from the beginning, Max had my vibes.
It sounds like you have a good vet!
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