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I had my little kitty, Sadie, spayed a week ago today. I have been trying to keep her quiet and from running around too much, which is close to impossible. I've kept a close eye on the incision because they told me to look for swelling. they said thre would be some but, there shouldn't be much. As of last night it was fine. I just looked a few minutes ago and I am terrified. There is a large swelling around the incision, which seems hard.. She is not complaining when I touch it. I will take her to the vet tomorrow, hopefully I can get an appointment. But, if there is anyone on-line now to tell me if it is anything I should lose sleep over I would appreciate it. She is eating well and playing , like normal.
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Hi Honee, Welcome to the site! As for your baby, I wouldn't worry too much just yet if she is still eating ok and playing ok, and it doesn't bother her when you touch it. I would still take her to the vets though, just to be sure, she may have tried to scratch it or something which may have inflamed it..... I sure once the vet has checked it over, she'll be just fine!! Let us know what happens!!

Oh and by the way, we have a special forum here called "New cats on the block" where all the new members can do a proper introduction, so feel free if you want to!! You'll get plenty more welcomes!!
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Welcome to The Cat Site!!!!

Unless the vet told you that the stitches were dissolveable they should have told you to schedule a follow up to get them removed. Typically, the resting period only needs to be the first 3-4 days and then until the stiches are removed you just need to keep her from being too strenuous such as jumping up too high or playing rough. Hope this helps but you still need to call your vet.
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I just had my Maine Coon spayed last week, and she has pretty much what you describe. A swelling about half an inch long, underneath the wound and skin. It doesn't bother the cat at all, the skin or the incision is not infected, but I called the vet just to make sure. She said that from my description it sounds like the "skin" or tissues inside have swollen because of the operation, or perhaps they're a bit irritated by the stiches inside there, and not to worry. Only if it keeps swelling or becomes sore, then I should bring the kitty in. As I remember, my older cat had the same thing when she was spayed, the tissues inside swelled up a bit, no harm done. My kitty has dissolveable stiches, btw.

But as others said, I would at least call the vet to make sure, they'll tell you if you should bring the cat in.
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I just want to thank you all for your speedy and very reliable answers. I just got back from the vet and it is just the internal stitches that are a bit swollen. She told me that its from too much partying .. LOL Said I need to try to keep her on the floor and its close to impossible because she likes to sleep on the top of my high boy dresser, which stands almost to the ceiling. Now I know its nothing to worry about I do feel much better. She said it should go down once she learns to stay on the floor and its not inflamed nor infected. Thank you all again for your help.
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