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We found a house!!!!!

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The house we had been renting for 2.5 years is being sold, and we were given 30 days to vacate. We have been house hunting for about a week, but had only found one good prospect 15 miles out of town. We looked at a house today, and fell in love with it. It is 3 BR, 1.5 baths, with a huge yard, carport, and a big shed in the backyard. It has awnings over all the windows, and hardwood floors.The kitchen is small, but seems to be very effiecient. It is a lot like the house I grew up in. We were very lucky to find it because the housing market is booming here, and people are selling off their rental property because the average time to sell a house is about 3 days, at top dollar.
I can't wait to start moving in!
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Congrats and best of luck!!!!!!!!!!
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Sounds great!! Congratulations!!
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Congrats to you!! Our house will be ready in October so i know how excited you are!! Have fun......
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If you have bought a home before or know about how to forget this message BUT if NOT!!!!!!

Check all sinks for leaks - see if the sink itself has a rust UNDER it that lets water leak out.

RUN the sprinkler or hoses for a LONG time and check all front and back floors to see if water pools up anywhere.

Check ALL windows for screens

Check behind all furniture for holes

Check to make sure you have screen doors

Check to make sure all burners actually work

Check oven doors and the oven itself to make sure all work!

THESE are what I found AFTER I bought my home! The realtor who sold me the home gave me the run a round and they never were fixed!

Good luck!
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That is so exciting! Congratulations!
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Is it kitty approved yet?
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That's GREAT!!!!

Good Bye!
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Are you renting or buying it?

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We are renting it. It belongs to a very old lady that does not want to sell it, thank goodness. We went to our old realtor to get a reference, and had almost nothing to rent, only the places he owns. He said most of his clients have kicked out their tenents and are selling. It was a real blessing to find this place.
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Congratulations!! It's a wonderful feeling when you find the perfect house. We just bought ours last year.
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Congratulations! House hunting can be so horrible, that's just fabulous that you found such a great place in such a short time!
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