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Is this normal

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Asmost of you know that my cat Angel had 4 kittens this morning.Well she is still panting(sticking out her tounge) alot tonight......I don't know if she is dry cause she was dranking water and she was also eating.....I am not sure if it is normal can someone help
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what time did she finish with her last kitten? She may still have more to go and she might still be in labor. Does it look like she's pushing? If so she might be in trouble!
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The best advice I can give is that: If you're worried, call your vet. It can never hurt to call and ask.
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well her last baby came out at 12-1pm and now it is 11pm....it don't look like she has anymore in her....no she ain't pushing......if she isn't any better tomorrow morning I will call the vet,,,

thankyou all
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First of all, congrat on the new kittens! How wonderful!

Just a thought...but, she {{{may}}} be telling you to stay away. My cat did that in the very beginning, it was almost like a hiss, but looked like a pant (mouth open, tongue out). I figured it out because she did it every time someone came in the room.

Is it a continuous thing or does she stop when you comfort her? If she stops when pet her or back away completely, I would think it is probably a defensive action and she wants some privacy with her new babies. (obviously I am not there, so if it continues, she should be seen by a vet...just trying to throw out another possibility)
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