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Sphynx kittens!

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One of these little cuties will be mine!

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Those always remind me of newborn mice, only bigger.... congrats
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your so lucky i LOVE sphynx cats thar so cute!
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Aw cute.
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Originally Posted by Imagyne
Those always remind me of newborn mice, only bigger.... congrats

They do don't they, still they are cute
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Congratulations!!! I have a couple of questions: if they live say, in NH would they be cold? Would you have to keep a sweater on them?
do they produce dander even though they have no fur? Would people with dander alergies be more alergic or less?
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Are you sure they are not mice? i had some mice which looked identical as i used to breed mice
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If you are allergic to the saliva from the cats, then you'd be allergic to a sphynx cat. I'm not allergic to cats, yet I had a reaction to petting one of them. So I would not recomend them to people who have allergies.

And yes you may have to put a sweater on them at times.
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People allergic to cat dander will be allergic to the saliva from sphynx. But you can follow the same protocols to ensure less problems. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada which has very cold winters - it can be -20 now and then and has gone to -40 with the wind chill. "My" sphynx - foster kitties though I have them due to a living will but I call them fosters in the hope their mom will come out of a coma - wear sweaters galore but they never venture outdoors. They have a plethora of sweaters - kindly made by relatives, my patients, the ladies in the hospital auxillaries (We have to keep Dr. CK's kitties warm, lol) and friends. I have also bought some.

Sphynx are very friendly, not unlike my Siamese and love to be with people. If you have one, you will want another - they do not like being alone. They also love to climb and one of mine climbs up one side of me and down the other, lol (Usually when I am busy and getting dressed, heheh)

Which one in the picture is yours? Will you show them? Mine are champions and love the show circuit!
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Are you going to start breeding or showing them?
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I already breed bengals. I don't want to get seriously into breeding sphynx since im concentrating on my bengals (we both know what effort that takes). Im going to start showing my bengals soon. I am considering letting my sphynx have one or two litters but that's probably it. I might not let her breed at all it just depends on how things are going once she gets to be an adult and how much of a demand for sphynx kittens I find here. I can't find any local sphynx breeders so I don't even know that i'd be able to find stud services.
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Do you know which little pinkies is your s yet??
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not in this litter. I decided to wait for another kitten from a different queen, same breeder though. I told her just to pick one for me as I don't care what color the kittens is they are all cute.
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