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So itchy

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Im at my wits end. I have 3 cats, 2 15 year olds and a two year old. I have treated them all at the same time for fleas, first gave the treatment of 'stronghold' about 6 weeks ago, 2 weeks later my partner started to get bites from fleas on his legs. I then treated my carpets and furnishings with spray from the vets, and frontlined the 3 cats, still my partner is being bitten and so am I. I have now re treated the cats and my furnishings, but no luck. So in 6 weeks I have treated my carpets and furnishings twice and the cats 3 times. Yet still they scratch. Can anyone suggest anything?
I have seen fleas, and have the bites.
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Im sorry, I have no suggestiona but hang in there. I bet more than one of the regulars will be around shortly to help you out! Good luck!
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uUUGGGHHH!!! The ongoing flea night mare. The Frontline should be working, are you using the one that kills the eggs too? Do they go outside? I know some of you are going to wig about this BUT when it comes to fleas...First if they go outside, get some insect killer for your lawn that will take care of fleas also. Then, I would take them for a flea bath, while they are there get a flea bomb and bomb your house. Of course this is if you think you have a major infestation. They are a pain. I have been with out a flea for 5 years. Took in a stray and boom FLEAS!!! Going to Fronline everyone tomorrow and see how that works.
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