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I'm new here

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I just discovered this website and am thrilled. I have 6 indoor kitties that are spoiled rotten. They pretty much run the household. There names are Kixx, Kasee, Kiyenne, Keenan, Milo and Millie. They range in age from 11 to 2 years. Kixx is the oldest he is 11 and has diabetes, I've been giving him insulin shots for 2 years now. I adopted Kixx and Kasee from the local animal shelter when they were kittens. Kiyenne, Keenan, Millie and Milo would have been ferral barn cats had they not come home to live with me. They happened to be the only kittens I could catch. I will post pictures of my furry family sometime in the future.

Glad to be here and share kitty stories.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!
It would be fantastic if you put Pics of your furrygang! ..
See you on the forums!
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hello and welcome...pretty names for your did you pick them?
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Wecome to TCS.

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Welcome to TCS!! I can't wait to see pics of your furfamily! You're going to love it here but beware! This site is very addictive!
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hi hope u like it here at tcs!!!
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welcome to the forum. Its purrfectly fun here.
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Welcome to TCS! I look forward to seeing pics of your sweet babies soon!
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hi and welcome!! I have been here only for a few months and really, this site is the best. i have learned so much, and the support is amazing!! welcome welcome welcome.
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After I did some posting I was able to add the avatar to it. So do some posting first and then check in the user CP afterwards and click avatars and see if those coloured ones come up which I have one of them by my name. I guess after doing alot of posting with messages you get chances to add things to your profile. Just have fun and add messages to other people's threads and soon enough you can add more things to your messages.
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Hi and Welcome to you and your family!
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Hi and Welcome
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Hello and welcome to you and your large fur family
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Hope u like TCS!! It is so awesome!

Kendall and Dagger
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Hello and welcome!!!!

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Welcome to TCS!...glad you joined us!
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