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Just wanted to say hello to everyone and introduce myself. I have been lurking around this forum for a while and decided to join. I have a two and a half year old spayed Bengal female named Gabrielle and a two year old spayed Siamese cross named Tifa. Hope to learn and share a lot here.
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Hi Panther and welcome. One of our members, Nitecrwlr, has a Bengal. He is also a master at capturing her on film. Check out some of his posts in the Lounge. Hope you enjoy it here.
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Hi Panther!! Welcome to the site! This is a great place with loads of info and cool people... make yourself at home!!! Oh and Pics are always a MUST here!!! Or else!!! ha ha ha ha
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Hi Panther and welcome! You will enjoy this site as much as i do. Very informative people and great new friends. Hope you stick around.
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Hi and welcome Panther! You'll love it here...there is always lots of info here if you have any questions. A big MEOW from my kitties, Socks and Boo.
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Panther - I missed your welcome party and hope that you do not mind if I join in a little late!

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Thanks all for the warm welcomes. I have been enjoying reading the threads!
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Welcome Panther! You've found the best Cat Site on the web!!!
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Welcome Panther...I think Bengals are so beautiful...if you get a chance, maybe you could post a picture here for us...or if you are like me, and not so handy at doing things like that, you could just ask one of the other members to post it for you, and e-mail it to them. Glad you have joined us here!
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