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How active a FIV+ can be?

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Hello everybody,
I'm fostering a FIV+ kitty and since he's my first FIV+ there's much I don't know.
He's in a room by himself, has toys and is quiet except that loves people and when he sees somebody, anybody! he'll run over to the person and be a love bug.
Yesterday I noticed he was quieter than usual, practically spent the day in his bed though he did get up to use the litterbox and ate well.
What concerned me was that his eyes looked funny, he had the 3d eyelid almost covering one of them completly and when he did look at something didn't seem to focus. Also he kept swallowing, didn't notice any drool though.
He seems better today, got up and ate, his eyes are better too, and he even tried to catch a toy I dragged for him.
He's 1 1/2 years old, FIV+ and on treatment for tapeworms, other than that he's OK.
What I wonder is, is it to be expected that his energy is so low? I've to talk to the vet anyways, want to check him for gingivitis, etc b/c
he hasn't touched his munchie crunchies since yesterday, only canned food..
A sanctuary would take him but I hope to find him a family locally before winter..or sometime he's such a sweetie, has no problem with my other kitties unless they try to enter his room..
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Good on you for giving him a chance. It isnt really normal - what is his background though? Here is a link for you
There is also a forum with some FIV+ cat owners, they may be able to help you too.
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