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Pearl is like.........

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a new kitty!
Ever since I started packing, she has been acting like she is so excited. I was picking up the food bowls this morning, and she pounced at me and hunkered down like she wanted to play. She has never done that! She has stopped hiding when people come to visit, and even let a friend pet her. She sits on a box and supervises packing, and even lets me rub her tummy. I think aliens took my shy Pearl and left me this excited, friendly, playful kitty. She has this funny little twinkle in her eyes and I love it!
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How cute!! Sounds like she's excited for the move!! GO PEARL!!
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We had a little setback today. We came home and my s/o did not notice the small box as he walked through the dining room, and tripped over it, not realizing poor Pearl was in it. He kicked it and spun it around, then they did the stomping around trying not fall or step on the cat dance. Now she is hiding and I can't find her. She cannot and would not have run out the door, she just found a really good hiding place. Poor baby, she has been doing so well.
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Awwwww, I'm sure she'll be fine, poor baby.

Heh, heh, I know the trying to avoid stepping on the cat dance. I've learned when I hear galloping feet to just STOP and not take another step. The other day I ended up looking like I was playing a game of Twister! At least I didn't end up sprawled on top of Mithril though.
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Aw, poor little Pearl! I'm sure she'll get back to her new playful self fairly quickly, but it may take some serious apologies to get there!
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I put their food down a little while ago, and she popped out like nothing was wrong. She had been hiding in the chair pushed under the dining table, covered by the tablecloth. She seemed to back to her perky little self.
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I have noticed something else about Pearl. She has always been very prone to hairballs and has a sensitive tummy. She threw up a lot. The vet could not find a physical reason for it, and said it could be stress. It started shortly before our move here, and right after Leo died. They were as close as she has ever been to another cat. I just realized that she has not thrown up in a couple of weeks, ever since I started packing. I know part of it is that I have started combing her regularly again, but that always just kept the hairballs from getting too bad, and she would still throw up. I hope she has not been so unhappy here that she has been physically ill! She has made great strides over the past 2.5 years that we have been here, so she was not totally unhappy, but this is just SO odd. I am just glad her tummy is better and she is not throwing up. If I had known she was going to get so much better, I would have gone ahead and moved when they wanted to sell the place before and then changed their minds and let us stay.
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