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I need some guidance!

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Hi there,

My Bengal kitty, Mozzie, was neutered back in December and he is still as mad as ever. Apart from still marking the house, he is yowling continuously all night. He is definately a nocturnal cat. He sleeps most of the day, just so he can yowl all night for us.
Well, I have to say that apart from the general rift of insanity drifting through my house due to a lack of sleep, that is not the
only problem. He appears to have no fear.

He never shies away from cars, lorries, hoovers or hairdryers or anything loud and/or moving, and yes his hearing and eyesight checked out fine, and he plunges quite merrily into a bath of water, but then I guess the love of water is a Bengal trait, but yesterday I nearly had a heart attack. I love candles and always light them when I need to calm down or de-stress. I had them on a shelf and as one started dripping, I moved it in front of me ( stupid I know ! ) on the table. Next thing I know, the idiot kitty lunges forward like a bat out of hell, and goes to swipe and bite the flame. Thankfully I was quick off the mark, and swept him forcefully aside just in time, so nothing happened, but later on that evening, he tried to swipe the flames in our gas fire. Now I'm really worried. I can't get rid of the fire and I can't get a screen for it as it's too old, and our room too small. What if he burns his paws ??? How can I teach him the dangers in this world ??? The only thing he seems wary(sp?) of is, believe it or not, the wind. The slightest breeze touches him and he acts like he's about to be ploughed through, by a ten tonne truck ! He cowers down low to the ground, holds his ears down to his skull, and slides around on his belly, with narrowed eyes. I was thinking that maybe he has some brain dysfunction, after the traumatic start to his life, but other than the yowling, marking, and lack of fear, he is a perfectly 'normal' Bengal. If anyone has any methods of making him aware of certain dangers without harming him, obviously, then please let me know. I'd hate to find him hurt one day because I didn't try anything.

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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The most effective way of training is rewards such as treats and using things they dislike as a prompt. My cats don't like lound noises (excpept for the 5 month old). So when they are doing something they aren't supposed to, I clap really loud and say NO. It takes some patience but it pays off in the end. You can find somthing he really does not like weather it's noise or blowing in his face. When he is calm and being a good boy, praise him and give him a treat or two. Other methods include using double back tape or aluminum foil on objects he is not supposed to be on.
For the howling, I would try leaving some light on at night for him or a radio playing. Try and get him in the routine of sleeping at night and playing during the day. Try and get in a good play session right before bed. You can also try giving him some Dr Bachs rescue remedy in the evening before bed. It is an all natural "stress reducer" you can find at most health and nutrition stores. After some cosistancy, you should get some good results.
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Hi Sonia! I talked with you a few months back on CG about your Bengal. I also have a Bengal cat. I have to admit that that say about curiousity killing the cat has to have been written about bengals. Gabrielle also had to check out a burning candle once. However she did so more slowly. She just kept moving closer and closer to it. I couldn't believe how close she put her nose to the flame. Well, suddenly it must have gotten too hot because she took off like a shot. Thankfully she didn't burn herself, and while she is still interested in candles, she certainly keeps her distance.

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That's a Bengal for you - they are sooooooo persistant and yes NOT afraid. I have a 21 month old bengal boy named Loki and sometimes I wonder what goes through that boys mind. I kitty proved the house as much as possible and hope for the best. I never have more than one burner exposed (I have an electric oven) at one time and then wait till it's cool before I leave the kitchen. Candles burning - what are those? - that's history in my household as well.

He goes through phases thank god - but once you think you have everything under control he thinks of something else. I don't let my guard down too easily and I always expect the unexpected. God Luck
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Oh my gosh...what did I bring home !!!?!!!! Teeheeheee. I must admit, our house hasn't been the same since he arrived, and everyday is certainly an education. Today the tap was off in the sink and the idiot kitty was in the sink all curled up, staring at the tap. My mum turned the tap on a little and the water soaked his tail. He just stayed there and stared at his wet tale. Any other cat might jump out or whatever. Mozzie...well...Bengals, are just plain different. We dried Mozzie off and he just curled back down in the sink.

I just ordered two Bengal cat books, which should be here on Thursday. I'm hoping they might provide something that I can keep Mozzie occupied with, as well as arm me with as much information about this breed, as possible. This curious breed is so intresting, and at the moment it's like living with a rebelious toddler.

I now have two other questions though :

On Monday I am going to look for another cat after having to have my last black and white friend put to sleep in November. Are there any rules to introducing another cat to a Bengal or is it just like introducing any other cat to cat situations ???

The other question is about Mozzie's markings. Some months he has very defined markings, spots all over, and is a rich brown colour, and then before you know it, the next month he is a lighter brown to silver grey and the spots, in some of his curled up positions look stripey. Is this colour and marking change every month or so normal in Bengals ??? Partly because of this, we had him microchipped last week, the vet even asked if it was the same cat I'd bought in when we had his head examined, in the early days !!! If this is the case, then when can we expect the markings and colour to settle on one 'style' ???

Thanks for your help everyone, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it !!!

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always

Hi Panther !!! Of course I remember you...it's good to know that Gabrielle wasn't hurt when sniffing a candle, and that I can still light a candle to relax occassionally. I must say that I am totally smitten with the Bengal breed. I don't think I've ever had to adapt to various situations as quickly as I have had to, with Mozzie. He has now earned the endearing term 'Little Rat' due to his mischievious antics, and now, because of the reaction my parents give him whenever my brother or I address him as such, he now dips his nose a little and looks up to us with his huge circular eyes and a slightly tilted head, as if to say " Who ???? Meeee ???? ". What a gorgeous, but highly manipulative little character !!!
Good to hear from you, and your gorgeous Gabrielle !!!
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If I am remembering correctly, when I brought Gabrielle home the breeder told me that it was not unual for it to take a year for their coat colours to become permanent.

I got Gabrielle's little sister, Tifa, when Gabby was almost seven months old. Gabby was more curious than anything and delighted to have another feline to play with. Up to this point she had been playing with the dog. I will say that Gabrielle is definitely the dominant cat. Every so often she "reinforces" this with Tifa! They do get along quite well, though.
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Oh Panther...you are a glutton for punishment...two Bengals ???...hmmmm, until I know a little more about our 'little Angel' who has just this minute broken my mother's favourite china ornament (eeek!), I think I'll stick with one...for a little while anyway...er...perhaps...well, anyway we'll see. Teeheeeheeee !!!

Since desperately researching the breed last year, after Mozzie was rescued and identified, I have found them so captivating. I am visiting a surprisingly local, to me, Bengal Stud Cattery next week, and I just can't wait. I feel like a kid at Christmas ! The only thing that will really stop me getting another one, will be the price, but oh, I just can't wait to see them all.

Mozzie will definately have a new pal though, hopefully in the next couple of weeks. Maybe that's what he needs...a bit of feline company. I am so jealous of you and your two, though...one lottery win and that'd be it...I'd have a house overrun by Bengals !!!
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Whoa! I guess I should have mentioned that Gabrielle's little sister is not a Bengal. Actually, she is an orphaned feral siamese cross. She is much more laid back than Gabby, except whenever I have company. She does not trust any strangers so she runs and hides until they leave. Gabby on the other hand is in their faces checking them out and talking away at them!

I have to admit that when the breeder sent me some photos of her new snow leopard bengal kittens, I was very tempted to get another Bengal....
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Awww Panther...baby Bengals ??? I have only one thing to say...resist the temptation !!! So you only have the one Bengal, well, at least I now know that it is ok to have the normal type of cat living with the 'not-so-normal' type of Mozzie !!!

I had a look in the local re-homing centre, today, and they only had 4 cats there, in the entire home, the rest of the residents were dogs. I liked all of the cats, but somehow, I knew I didn't meet my new companion there...I'm pleased there were only 4 though. It means that while there are lots of cats still needing a home, all the ones I saw last time there have all been re-housed - yay !!!

Anyway...keep resisiting...for now anyway !!!

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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I can see you have a handful, but good luck!!!
I find Bengals very beautyful and one of my dreams is to get one someday, but I think that day will have to wait a while!
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