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Elderly Cat - Shaking

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About a week ago I had these two terrible people drop off a purebred Maine Coon cat at my house that they just didn't want anymore. She is 12 yrs. old and absolutely beautiful. She seems to be in good health but when she walks or lays down she shakes sometimes - kinda like she is cold?? Is this because she is old or a BIG cat or should I take her to the vet?? I foster for a rescue and usually don't take my rescues to the vet for an initial check-up only if I think something is wrong. Any advice would be great....
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I would take her to the vet for assessment, I am not qualified to diagnosis, but boy I can theorize with the best of them That kind of shaking, and her age makes me think of anemia secondary to chronic renal failure (CRF)and/or low potassium level's which also goes along with CRF.

Low blood sugar is another thought that comes to mind.

Having said that, it may be in no way related to something like crf. However, best to find out.

Poor girl, being dumped at that age

Bless you for taking her in, please keep us posted (and post a photo of her? will you be looking to place her?)
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I am looking to place her once she adjusts in my care. To see a picture of her the easiest way is go to www.catnipcottage.petfinder.com and click on Pet List and her name is Smokey.

I am going to get her to the vet this week just to make sure everything is ok. On top of this poor baby being dumped her previous owners smoked in their home for 12 years with her. She smells like an ashtray. I even had to put the carrier she came in in my garage because it smelled so bad! Our website had a courtesy listing for them and no one adopted her so they e-mailed me and said they were just going to take her to the shelter and I freaked and said FINE I will make room here.

I actually have 7 cats of my own and now 9 foster cats!! But I just couldn't let her go to the shelter. The description of her on our website is what they have said and I haven't had her long enough to verify.... Please take a look and if you know anyone in my area (SC) please send them my way....
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That is a georgeous cat. I love the tummy pose.
How could ANYONE not want her?
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She looks so much like my Sasha (RB) from years ago. I hope she will find a home soon, she looks like a great lap warmer for the upcoming colder months
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I know. She reminds me of a big fluffly teddy bear. I just love how soft and fluffy she is! I could just hug her all day long!
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what a cutie, it makes me mad that someone would just drop off a kitty at that age!! giving up my cats for anything at anytime would break my heart completely.
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