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watery vommit

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Hi, one of my cats has been throwing up small amounts of clear, watery vommit. He's about 15 months old. Otherwise, he's playing and behaving normally. Do I need to get him to the vet right away?

Thank you!
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I would take him to the vet. Rather be safe than sorry. Other people are probably going to post the same.
Keep us posted. Sending good vibes.
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Thank you. I called the vet's office and they told me to bring him in this afternoon. My other cat seems to be having a problem with his anal glands, so the vet's going to examine both of them.

I'll post news when we get back. Thank you for the good wishes.
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good luck at the vets!
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Both cats got an all clear at the vet's today. The vet said for one cat that the vommiting was probably hairballs that he can't expel. She said hairball medicine for a week should do it.

The other cat who had an inflamed and smelly butt is okay too. The vet said he might just need me to help him wipe for a while. He's chubby but he only weighs 13 lbs so I don't think that would prevent him from cleaning himself. The vet said I can put neosporin on his butt if I want to. I don't have a death wish so I don't think I will but I love him so if he needs it, I'll do it.

Both cats got two shots and the vet said to feed both cats light cat food.

Thanks for the good wishes.
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If your baby keeps throwing up watery vomit, take him back to the vet and get an xray. Summer did this after she swallowed some scotch tape (and had to have surgery). Glad to hear your kitties are ok.

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Sofiecusion, what would have happened if they hadn't operated? I always thought it was a hairball thing too.... (you are freaking me out with the tape thing!)
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Is he eating? She also did the watery vomit thing when she swallowed a piece of string. Summer kept drinking at least after each time she vomitted despite getting sick and doing it all over again. She wasn't dehydrated at all thank goodness. She wasn't able to digest anything! She wouldn't eat at all for a few days. Is he still vomiting the water? Is he eating?
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My cat ate one of the girls headbands (the elastic kind) about a year and a half ago. He was vomitting green liquid, probably bile, when we rushed him to the vet. He had surgery ($1000) and is now healthy again. He still tries to eat strings of all kinds so we have to be extra cafeful.

I am glad you took him to the vet, and glad everything turned out okay

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