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Does your "piggy" kitty ever refuse food?

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Ok, Spyder is my "piggy" kitty. He always wakes me up bright and early demanding breakfast! Anyway, Chuckie was the one who woke me up this morning, which is odd.
So I go to feed them and Spyder wouldn't eat his breakfast! It's not unheard of for him, but it is very rare that he refuses breakfast. And that makes me worry! I hope he eats later on...I know I'll be worrying until he does, imagining all kinds of things from him being sick to some kind of blockage!
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I have 2 piggy kitties, and occasionally they will look at their food and turn their nose up at it. They have not starved yet, but they act like they will if I do not give them something from the fridge IMMEDIATELY!
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MOst of mine have that attitude from time to time as well!!

Spyder has eaten a little since breakfast but not his normal amount. He's acting ok, but am keeping an eye on him anyway.
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My Kitties will bug me unitil they get food but sometime I get a little 'tude!
I always think they are thinkin' "you expect ME to eat THAT slopp!"
But they always start to eat after awhile
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Oh man, Nya is crazy, i tell ya

She'll practically trip me going down the stairs, racing me to the kitchen for food, but then walk away from it after a few bites! (It's wet food, so I dont leave it out long either). I just don't understand her! lol
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My cats descend on any type of cat food or human food like a pack of wolves. IF there is an occasion where one of them won't eat --- it is a sign they are very sick. And, I head to the Vet!!!
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My cats will eat any cat food like there is no tomorrow. However, there is a catch: they will suddenly stop eating if I feed them the same food for a week. I have to rotate food weekly.
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Sage will only snub salmon flavored foods. She begs for it and then when you put it in her bowl she sniffs it and walks away. Now if she suddenly stopped eating what she normally ate, I would be concerned.
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Elmos the piggy here and if we give him canned food he doesn't like he WILL tell us!
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