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plz help

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Hello I need cat had 2 babies lastnight while I was sleeping...I don't really know what to do....there is still water or whatever gusting from her vagina...the kittens are cold so my sister said fill a bottle with boiling water and put it under some blankets....and she said wipe the kittens dry....One of the kittens were already dry when I woke up

I was sleeping with the cat in the room and I don't understand why I didn't hear her give to to them

what else should I do...the mom cat still isn't feeding them,how long can they go without eating
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Are the kittens alive? If they are cold, that's not too good. Keep them warm. Try rice warmer. Get a sock, fill it with rice, tie it off, and nuke it for 30 seconds, and put it under a towel. If you have a heating pad on low, that'd be good to.

She's gushing water? Constantly? You need to get her to the vet NOW!
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I am no expert with kittens, but that sure doesn't sound good. Please call a vet immediatly! Make sure the kittens aren't touching where the hot water bottle is that could burn them. I've read that it is better to fill a sock with rice and securely knot the end and microwave it for a few minutes and use that as a warmer it is safer, but again it should not touch the kittens.

Here is a site that can give you more info
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yes the kittens are alive and dry...awww so sweet...there is still only 2 and the mom cat is frrding them now......I think she still has more in there...also I did call a vet and she said that the mom cat can go many hours before they are born.....and why didn't I think of the rice sock I used it when I was in

well I am going for awhile and I will keep you posted ok?
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Thanks for the update, glad the babies are eating!!
Sending good vibes to mama and babies!

What colors are the 2 little ones?
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Okay, glad to hear all is okay. Good luck, and do keep us updated!
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she just had her 3rd one 5 minutes again....she is now washing her off.....I was watching her while she deliver that was so amazing.....I cried....aww...I will keep you posted.....
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4 now....awww...sweet
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Originally Posted by CrAzYbAsH
4 now....awww...sweet

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they are all white and just looks like her...awww..I think she still might have another one in her but I will wait while and see
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How amazing - an all white litter! Can't wait to see pictures.
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Congrats on the new babies, I hope all goes well
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I want to see pictures!!! They sound lovely!
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They r doing really well....there all dry and the mom cat is feeding them...i will keep u posted
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All white litter... what more could you ask for...
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Thankyou all for ur support and all the help
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Can we see pics?
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i hope Mum will be fixed after this litter
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Oh yes she will be spayed...and yes you all can see the pics when I get my camera today or tomorrw......there are 2 males(pure white)and there are 2 females all with with alittle grey on there heads........really cute....
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(just keep em coming )LOL! congrads on the kittens !! . thay must be sooooo cute ! omg! im soo exsited for wan bindi has her kittens !
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they r cute there are 2 all white and 2 all white with gray lines on there heads
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that means the kittens are masking blue. they are their genetic spots.
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