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Help! Fez is driving me nuts!

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I love Fez more then anything but right now he is making me crazy. When I got him 2-3 months ago he was very sick and weak. During the first week I had him, we had put him in our bedroom and he ended up peeing on the bed. It was ok cause I figured he was sick and that was to be expected, after that he peed agian on the bed a couple days later.

Now Fez is all better and has been for a while. He was nuetered about a month ago. Yesterday I noticed a cat had peed on my favorite pillow and our guest who is staying with us said he thinks a cat peed on his bed and i saw a pee spot on the mat by the back door. I havnt caught anyone in the act yesterday but if i had to guess who it is that is peeing on things, i would say Fez, cause I never have known the other cats to pee on things. What can I do???? He isnt sick, he was nuetered, we have 2 litterboxes which he had access to. I just got a new bed yesterday and a new comforter and sheets, if he pees on this bed Im going to go crazy. If he pees on my new bed Im going to have to confine him to a room which would suck for him and Id rather not do, but i dont know what else to do.

I work at a Vets office and I can bring him to work with me today and if the doctor has time he could look at him, but if the doctor says he is fine what do i do?

Yesterday it seems as though he never used the litterbox to pee, he just peed wherever he was, 3 times!!Help Please!
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First, check he hasn't got a urinary tract infection or anything else that may be causing this.

If that's clear, check the type of litter - maybe he doesn't like the feel of it. Are the boxes being kept clean enough? Is the litter pine scented (doesn't appeal to kittie) or is a strong detergent being used to clean the boxes?

How many cats do you have? Make sure you have one litter box per cat, plus one extra. Maybe the others have been scaring him away each time he wants to go. Where are they placed? Is there anything near them that could freak him out? Washing machine, kids, door banging....?

Is he under any stress? Any big changes? Even any small changes that may have affected him?

Make sure the places he pees are cleaned thoroughly or he'll smell his scent and go there again. Can you keep the bedroom doors shut for the time being?
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I think you're jumping to conclusions in blaming Fez. It could be any of the cats. If you really can't find out for sure which cat it is, I've heard there is some kind of dye that makes the cat's urine change color. Check with your vet.
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It could possibly be the urine has soaked through to your mattress and the cat is smelling it and determining this is a safe place to pee. They will usually go three days before refreshing their scent on a pee spot. If you don't use an enzyme cleaner to get it out, then it is just like using water and won't work. I would also consider flipping the mattress over. The vet may find something is wrong with your cat- when you can figure out which cat is the culprit. There is a stuck thread in behavior that deals with urine problems
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