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re: nail clipping

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I'm a new member and have a quick question. On the subject of nail clipping, I live with 4 kitties that have their nails regularly trimmed. I started them when they were very young so they don't mind it. However, I was cutting one kitty's nails today and I inadvertantly cut to close to the quik. The nail bled quite a bit and I frantically was looking through my cat books to see what would help stop the bleeding. I couldn't find an answer. Does anyone have the answer? BTW, I stayed in the bathroom with her and dabbed diluted hyrogen proxide on it, which seemed to help. In seven years, this has only happened once before but you feel terrible!

Thanks for any help.

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Hello Kathleen,
Sorry to hear about your little accident, it must have been horrible for you and your kitty.I've read that just pressing some styptic powder firmly against the nail for a few seconds will stop the bleeding. Hope this helps you some.
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Dear BooKitty,

Ah, styptic powder! That's what I remember reading years ago. I was thinking, is it a tincture, an herbal extract, what??? Thanks for all your help. We both appreciate it.

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You can find a styptic pencil in the shaving isle of your store. I keep one on hand at all times! Usually I clip my cats nails (I have 8 cats) when my daughter is visiting so that I have both my hands free. It's difficult when you live alone like I do. When I am by myself I sit on the floor on my knees with my cat in between my legs. I find it much easier with two sets of hands.
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