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getting close now - immense vibes required!!

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as some of you know - Chris & I are expecting our first child on Sept 4th - yes thats right Sept 4th!! just under 4 weeks to go - eek!!!

The pregnancy has gone amazingly well - i have had a text book pregnancy (touch wood) and except for 6 months of nausea everything has been close to perfect.

We had another appointment with our obstetrician this morning (we are down to weekly visits now) and the head is down ready to go - all is good!! He believes that we will go this side of our due date - tomorrow would be good I told him
We also dont want to go late, as Chris will be going on a business trip on the 17th Sept - so we DO NOT want to go late... I know little Obes will come when s/he is ready though and I have a feeling s/he is quite comfy in there!!!

My BF went 4 weeks early, so our bags are packed and we are ready to go, just incase little Obes wants to make an early entry into this world... the nursery is ready, we are ready - now we just need a baby

so can i ask for some vibes over the next month - or however long it is going to be? I have only ever asked for vibes once but I have seen what board magic can do - I assume I am no different to any other woman, but the thought of this impending labour is scaring me to death
but I am tough (I hope)

thanks everyone
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Danielle, you can have loads of vibes from us!

Sending tonnes of good birth, don't come late }}}VIBES{{{ to you! (and Chris!)

I am sure it will all go well for you, but my vibes and thoughts will continue to come your way!

Tell Baby Obes not to come too soon, as Auntie Sarah is still knitting!!
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How exciting!! Best of luck

Will be sending lots of 'be on time' and 'be safe' vibes your way
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Dan, I've been thinking about you alot lately, because I know your due date is approaching quickly, so you were getting the TCS magic vibes before you even asked! Although I've never had labor, my grandmother told me, it's the hardest pain to endure and the easiest to forget. Like you said, your tough and you'll do fine..........I'm thinkin of you guys!
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Well, immense vibes to you, Dan!!!
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Sending mega vibes your way
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Good luck, hope everything goes the way you want.
First bubs usually come early so you are well prepared.
Preggers with #3 myself so trust me you forget about any pain you had when holding your babe
If you want to talk to anyone re: advice go to everybody.co.nz, there's topics on anything you'd want to know about and a great chat board
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Hey baby obes, dont you want to wait 3 more days soyou can have the same bday as aunty fwan??
Danielle i hope your labour goes through very smoothly and lets hope you wont be in labour for more than 10 hours


by the way are you having the baby at the royal womens hospital? or is it too far now as they moved?
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Congrayulations! I hope your little one makes a safe and easy entrance into the world. Here's sending you both all the good vibes and energy I can muster!
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Mega vibes heading your way! Everything will work out just fine. Yes, pictures please as soon as you can!
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Wow Danielle, how exciting!
Sending you major hugs and vibes that all goes well! {{{{{}}}}}
Have you come up with any names yet? Are the kits ready?
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Sending HUGE vibes to you and Chris! Hope delivery is smooth for ya!! You are in my thoughts!!

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Well of course I am sending some MEGA vibes your way, girl!!!

Don't be scared, delivery will be a snap and you are going to be such a wonderful Mommy!

It's getting close now! The countdown to baby obes has begun!!!

Love and hugs!!!
Susan and Cody
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Mega vibes are being sent!!!{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}}}
Hope the wait isn't too much longer and the delivery goes smoothly.
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Awww, congratulations!!!!
Sending safe delivery and healthy baby vibes your way.
Do you have a name(s) picked out?
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Congradulations!!!I bet you and ur husband can't wait.......My daughter Anna was born Sept.3/2004.......

Hope it all goes well sending vibes
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This is very exciting...soon there will be a new TCS member.
You will be in my thoughts & prayers as your due date get closer.
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Mega vibes coming your way Dan. I know it will all be just fine. Here's hoping for a labour that's long enough for you to get comfortably settled in the hospital and then to deliver not long after

Sept. 4th would be a great day if Baby Obes insists on going that long - that's son's birthday don't you know!!!!!

Make sure you have written down instructions for Chris on how to get onto TCS and how to post piccies!! We will be demanding them asap! Of course, if he gets stuck, he can always email one of us and we'll do it for him .

Can't wait to meet Baby Obes
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Many good delivery and baby vibes coming your way!! Wish I were due now, still got 19 more weeks to go. Good luck for a happy and healthy baby (and mom & dad too)
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Best of luck to you!
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The good thing about labor pains is that although at the time you feel like a mack truck is driving through your insides the minute that tiny bundle is laid in your arms, you forget all about it.
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Good luck Dani! I remember when you found out and I can't believe it's already been 9 months (almost)! Can't wait to see some pics of him/her!! Congrats again!
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Lots of good vibes from Auntie Jan and cousin Ari! {{{{{{}}}}}}

Have you considered taking a laptop into the delivery room so we can hear about it the moment it happens? Hmmm?
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DAN!!! VIbes coming yours and Chris's way(for his sanity!)

Thinking of all three of you!
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Tons and tons of vibes your way!
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Sending lots of vibes & prayers your way!

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It's a good thing vibes don't need to be packed and shipped, because no carrier could handle the load! Tons of vibes, Danielle! Prayers that little Obes entry will be eventful in only the very best ways!
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Dan, you've been on my mind a lot lately as the due date gets closer, and I've been sending mega vibes! Lots more vibes coming your way!! I can't wait for the day when I come on here and find out that s/he is here!! Come on baby Obes, everyone wants to meet you (especially your mummy, daddy and furbrothers)!!
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Danielle you know you have (((((ultra, mega vibes))))))) for a quick, and easy birth
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You´re on my thougths, you´re on my best wishes, you´re on my prayers!
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