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Hibiscus in Bloom (pictures)

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Ok, my somewhat of a green thumb has paid off this year. My Hibiscus has started blooming this week and is going great! Here are some photos.

Thanks for looking, I'm so proud that they finally started blooming!

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Wow! Love the colors!
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The house we bought in December has 3 plants that have a lot of buds right now. I can't wait to see what they look like!
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They're beautiful! You don't live near any woods, do you? Deer LOVE hibiscus !
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Aren't they beautiful?
I have one in my yard too that is just blooming. I always look forward to it.
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Awww beautiful - they look so tropical.

I have one in the garden and just hope it will manage to bloom this year (it has buds on it) - it's just not tropical enough here
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They are so beautiful great pictures too.
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Lovely!! Especially the pale one!
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Stunning! Thank you for sharing. Both colours are lovely, but I have to agree with Fran that pale one is even more stunning than the pink!
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Very nice!!
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Thanks everyone! I have really liked having them and they almost double in size every year! The tallest one stands chest level on me. flisssweetpea the don't flower the first year they grow, but they should every following year. Good luck to ya!!
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The flowers are beautiful! Your camera captures excellent photographs of flowers.
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Beautiful! I love the last one!
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Thanks everyone!
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very nice! And such a good camera too!
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How pretty!
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Originally Posted by Tamme
very nice! And such a good camera too!

Thanks It's a Kodak DC3400 Some pics come out great and some are kind of crappy sometimes. I really would like a better one but we've had this one for about 3 years so... I'm stuck for a little while! The lighting effects the quality a lot! In the bedroom with the wall light it's terrible! Thanks for the compliments!
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