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Allergy question

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Hello! I hope you all can help me! As in my last post, I was concerned about giving my kitty a bath every two weeks because I don't want her hating me!!

My hubby has bad allergies and he wanted me to bathe her every two weeks and use the towelettes every other week. We are getting a HEPA filter, and he is looking into taking some homeopathic supplements that are supposed to calm his allergies. Is there anything else that anyone can recommend so that I don't have to constantly bathe her?

Thanks so much!
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I actually don't get the bathing part to be frank. I bathe my kitty once or twice BUT the fact is it is the saliva that causes allergies for the most part - which is why even Sphynx kitties can cause allergies. I would take out any carpet you have, brush your kitty outside every day (hopefully you have a deck or soemthing you can do that on) and wash your bedding and other places the cat sleeps or lays as much as possible. That's the only way really. Bathing will not help that much - and it will dry out her fur and skin, and your husband will still have his allergies.
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Actually, there have been studies that show bathing the cat does reduce the amount of dander and other allergens. I'm not sure how much as I have seen anything from weekly to every six weeks.

The other thing my doctor told me (though I ignore it because the cats aren't my worst allergens) is to keep the cats out of the sleeping areas at all times. This tends to be where the most exposure occurs (you're sleeping with your nose in dander).

Good luck.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!

See you on the forums!
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