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8 week old Kittens - Help! What's normal body temperature?

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Hi Everyone,

I have three kittens 8-9 weeks old that I have been caring for since 3 weeks of age. It was a very rought start for all of them. After lots of trips to the vet, 2 emergency trips, and many sleepless nights, we are doing much better now. This is my first time taking in kittens so young.

They have all had their first set of shots (about a week and 1/2 ago) and are being treated for coccidia (going on week 5 now, they have gotten better but just can't seem to shake it).

My concern is one in particular seems to be a little warmer than usual today. She is eating well, drinking water and active but she does seem a little warm and warmer than the others. She does have short hair were the others are long haired so I can feel her skin easier. Anyway, what is considered normal body temperature and when is it a fever? I have seen the vet take cats temperature a 100 times but I have never done it myself. Is it relatively easy? What could cause it? She doesn't seem sick otherwise just a little warm. I'd rather be safe than sorry. Suggestions?

Thanks so much!!!
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read that...it might help
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Taking a temperature isn't too hard but it helps if you have a second pair of hands to hold the kitten down. Just lubricate a digital thermometer with Vaseline or k-y jelly or something comparable and gently insert it in the rectum. Do NOT force it, just put it in as far as it easily goes.

Normal temperature is 101.5. Anything below 100 is an emergency (hypothermia), and 103 or higher is a fever.
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How do you treat a fever for a kitten? What are some likely causes?
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If your kitten has a fever you best get the kitten to the vet quickly. Fevers can be deadly on the young ones because it makes them dehydrated. You really can't tell a fever on a cat except by taking their temperature, and if their third eyelid is prevalent that indicates fever/dehydration/infection and you would need a vet to help you figure out what is wrong
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Thank you for your help. Update - brought the kitten to my vet and she ended up spending 4 days in the hospital on meds and IV. They never found the cause for her fever but they rulled out the worst illnesses. She is now doing much better, fever free and back at home. She is seperated from my own cats and my other two fosters, for the time being. She is eating well, playing and active. I'm so glad we have this resource to help us through these things!
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That's a great update.

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