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Just home from the emergency vet clinic, as it's the only one open after hours, because Cheeto will not leave her stitches alone. She got fitted with an E-Collar, and the vet said to watch to see if she can eat and drink ok. I have no experience with the collars, any user tips from people who have used them before? Also, has anyone brought a cat camping? I was planning on leaving Cheeto home, but now due to her medical problems, she's coming along. Do you know if they attract bears/cougars to the tent? I know I'm probably being paranoid, but I'm scared of bears and cougars!!!! Thanks
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no I don't think they do...but I am not sure....what is a e-collar???
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It's one of those cone things for injuries
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ohhhh...lol....no I am sorry I haven't use one before
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Just be sure it isn't too loose or they'll be able to slip a paw through it. Is it a soft one or a hard one (I've seen both).
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Most of the cats i have put collars on have walked backwards initially. I always take it off while they are eating, and put it on after, although I have had a cat that couldnt wait for it to come off and ate while i was trying!! I also try and give them about an hour a day with it off, supervised of course, and i dont even let them lick the area near it in case they get to the stitches.
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Both Rosie and Sophie had plastics ones and were able to eat and drink with them ok. I did have to trim them down a bit though.

But as someones just mentioned, make sure it's on properly because Sophie managed to get hers off and pull a stitch out so i had to tie it a little tighter, but not too tight.
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One of my friends was mentioning the other day that when they had her dog spayed many years ago they cut the back-end out of a baby sleeper (for tail and bum) and put it on her so she wouldn't get to the stitches. Has anyone tried that? Do you think it'd work for a cat???
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Heres Sophie with her e-collar on.

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Thanks for all the advice. Should have checked it last night, I came home from work today and she had one front paw through it and was hobbling around looking miserable. She didn't hurt herself though, when I took it off for a bit of play time she was running around just like normal, but tomorrow I'll have to make it a little bit tighter. I'm always paranoid it's too tight, but the vet said yesterday as long as you can fit two fingers in, it's ok. I've taken some pics of her glaring at me with it on, haha
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