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Sneezing and panting

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I found a stray kitten twelve weeks ago. She was sneezing bad and had runny eyes and nose. Her runny eye and nose problem seems to be cleared up now but she still sneezes bad all the time. A couple weeks ago while playing she started sticking her togue way out like she was gaging and now she is panting really bad after playing for a few minutes. She does this even when the weather is cool.
What could be causing this problem?
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I am not sure but I think maybe book her appointment with the vet to be on the safe side...

maybe hairball....but I never had that problem with my cats

sorry I couldn't be no help
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both my cats pant if they play really hard. i think it's just like when we run a lot we breathe really hard with our mouth open too.
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She has an upper respiratory infection and needs to see a vet. This is very common in stray cats and kittens. I've seen it here online and in real life about a million times.
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She has been to the vet but he said she appeared okay except for a bad case of ear mites. I'll have to have him check her out better.
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I just got back from taking my kitten to the vet he said it she seemed fine and it was probably asthma. He gave her a shot but he didn't run any test?
My question is does asthma cause sneezing? Should I have her checked out by another vet for a second opinion?
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Get a second opinion. It doesn't sound normal to have a runny nose and eyes for just asthma. My first cat has upper respiratory and had most of those symptoms. He still does from time to time.
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