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Bad News about Booker....

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I posted some pics of him the other day. Well 2 days later he became very sick and started vomiting and spraying all over the house ( he's fixed). I took him to the vet and found out he has MASSIVE crystals in his kidneys. The vet told us it didnt look good at all! They kept him for a couple hours and said they would do what they could but it wouldnt be much. I got a call around 3:30 telling me to get down there as soon as I could and he was urinating blood. When I got there Booker was wrapped in a towel on the O.R. table breathing normally but sedated because he was in so much pain. I asked if they were about to do surgery and thats when they took me into the other room to show me Xrays. It showed that the crystals were SO bed that they punctured his kindeys. I was told that they could do surgery but his chances of making it would be slim and none... or at least making it and having a healthy life. I was then left with the decision of putting him to sleep or TRYING the surgery. After about 15 mins of contemplating what to do I went ahead and opted to have him put to sleep. The surgery would have cost well over $4k and there was no guarantee. I also didnt want him to suffer anymore then he already had. They took me into the room where they moved Booker and let me hold him and confort him while they injected him. He was purring like he knew I was there to help him. Right before he ws gone, he licked the back of my hand rubbed me with his head and was gone.

Had I known that he had this problem I would have fixed it IMMEDIATLY!
Now Im stuck with this guilt that maybe it was MY fault! It also doesnt help that my husband was at work and I have to make this decision all on my own.
Did I do the right thing? Im sick about this.
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There's no way you could have known. Please don't blame yourself. You did what was best for you furbaby. My parents and I had to decide about our dog last Wednesday. He had kidney failure. So I know where you're coming from. Trust me. You really didn't want him to suffer anymore. He's in a much better place. Just try to think of the good times and you'll be ok. Just please, please don't blame yourself. It'll just make it more difficult.

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Originally Posted by DixieDarlin256
I was told that they could do surgery but his chances of making it would be slim and none... or at least making it and having a healthy life. I also didnt want him to suffer anymore then he already had.

Had I known that he had this problem I would have fixed it IMMEDIATLY!

Your own words show that you have no need to feel guilt. I'm not saying you will not feel guilt, but you did nothing wrong. His chances were slim to none. You didn't want him to suffer any more. And if you had any idea he was having trouble, you would have fixed it immediately!

Condolences of the loss of your precious Booker. I am very sorry he is gone. Rest in peace, little one!
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I am so sorry for your loss of Booker. You did everything you could to do what was best for him. It sounded like the surgery was a long shot and cats don't do well with kidney problems.

Forgive yourself and remember the good times you had with your little one. He was a beautiful boy.
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The same thing happen to my sister and with out luck we didn't have the money to take him to the vet..we did call the vet to see if we could have paid at a later date and of course it was no....Well he passed on and it took as all along time to get over it...

I am ss for your lost and I think you did the right thing(money wise)...because you will never know
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Rest in peace, Booker. From what you've said it came on pretty suddenly so he didn't have to suffer for very long, did he? That's a blessing.
Treasure your memories.
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I'm so very sorry for your loss of your precious boy. Rest in peace Booker. He's now waiting peacefully for you to join him someday, free from any pain. Please take care of yourself.
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TY ALL SO MUCH! I feel alot better!
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You did absolutely the right thing for Booker. I've lost 3 cats to kidney failure, and no matter what you do to help, once they're diagnosed, their lives are never quite right. I'm sure Booker didn't give you any warning; cats are very sly that way. He knew how much you loved him when you came the last time to help him make his way over the Rainbow Bridge.
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What you did is right. I let a cat continue too long once, and I will never do it again. Booker is happy now.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Booker!
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i am so sorry for you loss, and i hope you don't think it was your fault. cats are very very good at hiding their symptoms, and he is out of pain now.
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Condolences on your loss of Booker! I hope that you and your boys, Justice & Deacon, find comfort in knowing that Booker is over RB with all our other TCS kitties, all are pain-free & playing happily. Please don't doubt that you did the right thing - you saved Booker from any more anguish. It was harder on you, but better for him to have his suffering permanently eased, as he told you, with his final purrs & lick, "I'm gonna be okay now, Meowmmy!" As for not noticing the problem sooner, I "ve had kidney probs. & twice now I didn't know I was sick till I found myself on the floor, writhing in pain - it can hit so suddenly! Both times, the doctors scolded me for waiting so long and they stare at me in disbelief when I try to explain that I really had no idea I had a problem till it got extreme. mlmcats is so right, when the kidneys start to go, life is never as easy again. You gave Booker the true gift of a peaceful passing, and when he and you are reunited on the other side of the Bridge, you will know that your act of supreme love was deeply appreciated...Hugs, Susan
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That's so sad.... I'm so sorry for your loss of Booker. This story had me tearing up.
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Don't ever feel guilty about not knowing what is causing your kitty to be ill. The main thing is that you put him to sleep so he wouldn't suffer. I think you are very brave at doing that as its hard enough to not know why your kitty is ill but after to find out how bad it is and then make a big decision on whether to operate or put them to sleep is not an easy one. I feel for you as that is hard on you as well as your cat. I know when your kitty licked the back of your hand he was thanking you for making the right decision for him and he knew that you loved him and he loved you. My prayers to you and your family as all cats are special to a family.
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