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Recently we have moved my Fiancee into our new place and we moved our cat in yesterday and I do understand that it will take some time for him to get accustomed to a new place. The only concerns we have is that he won't stop crying at night because we have to keep him from coming upstairs with a baby gate because I get bad allergic reactions when I sleep. He also cries when we leave for work during the day and I think that it's because at his old house (fiancees parents) he had their family dog around when no one was around. Besides the crying, whenever we have come home he is in the basement hiding under the stairs and he seems a little mad at us but after some petting he starts to purr. Is all of this normal and how long does everyone here think it will take for him to adjust? Also can we do anything to make him more comfortable?
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Adjustment time is different with every cat. We're currently in the process of moving from our old apartment to a new one. We had to stay at my in-laws house for a week though because our move-in date got pushed back and we didn't want to shell out more money to our old landlord to stay there an extra week (I'm a teacher with no summer job so money is tight). My cats were comfortable in their room at my in-laws after one day. I was surprised by how quickly they adapted, but I have no expectations for how they will respond to the new apartment because the smells will be so different.

You can try sort of starting over with introducing your cat to the new home. He should be kept in one room at first, with his food water and litter all easily accessible. Be sure to show him where those things are. Then give him lots of attention and spend lots of time with him when you can. Also, put familiar things in the room such as blankets and clothes with your scent on them, and any toys that he likes. Give him a week to get really comfortable, and be sure to give him lots and lots of attention and play time. I knew my cats were very comfortable here at my in-laws when they started reaching their paws under the door when I wasn't in the room. Your cat may or may not do that too, depending on his personality. Once he's very comfortable in that one room, you can expand his access to the house a little at a time.

If you can't help him to readjust, then perhaps you should consider a playmate for him. If he's used to having another animal around, he has to adjust to being alone along with adjusting to a new environment.
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Just what I was thinking! Give him time to settle in, then consider getting him another kitten to play with if you're going to be out a lot and he's used to having another animal around.

Could you maybe borrow the family dog for a few days? I don't know how dogs react to new situations, but having them both there for a while may calm Buttons down a bit??
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