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I'm back!

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Yippee! I'm back home!

I had alot of fun, but I'm glad to be home. I missed my babies so much, and I can tell they missed me.

Just wanted to say hi, and I missed you guys!
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Welcome back!
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Hey, I'm glad you are home! Can't wait to hear some more stories, and see some pics!
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I missed you guys! Anything new? Of course there will be pictures as soon as I can scan them.
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Welcome back Jenny....details.....we need details!
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Great to see you back Jenny! You've a lot to catch up on!
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Welcome back Jenny. We need photos!!!
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Welcome back Jenny....details.....we need details!

Hi Jenny!!!
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You need details, eh? Alright!

Day One
Yep, you guessed it. I found a connection at the hotel. Can't stay away from the internet for long. XD

Well, the area where the hotel is looks EXACTLY like LA. However, we went into New York City, and its everything I imagined! There is millions of taxies, beeping as loud as they can, HUGE buildings everywhere you look, people from every nation, and shopping galore! Its a blast!

Of course, I am taking millions of pictures.

We went to the Empire State building today, and it has 86 floors! Woah! The elavater is like a rollar coaster ride, going higher and higher. The view is amazing.

Its very hot here, and I was sweating like a pig. Its around 10:30 PM, so its 7:23 PM where I live. I didn't sleep on the plane at all, so I'm really tired, but excited.

On the ESB, there was pigions, and guess what? They are MUCH more outgoing then the ones in LA. In fact, theye perched on me, eating out of my hand. Adraine and I attracted quite a crowd. XD

There is lots of homeless people. T_T I saw them as I went on my first subway ride. I was pretty nervous, its burning in there, and dark, as the subway is underground. But, I love New York! Its everything it looks like on TV. I promise, TONS of pictures, as soon as I can post them. Or, I'll just show them to my friends.

It seriously is the city that never sleeps. XD

Okay, I better go! I'll try to update again tomorow.

Day Two
Alot happened today. We saw the statue of Liberty, and on the way, there was some middle-aged man on guitar, and all of the sudden, he pointed at me and said "If you don't get married, I'll marry you!" I grew red and said "Uh....oh...um....thank you." It was horribly embarresting, and Adraine was laughing her head off.

After, we went through security, and they looked at my DVD player, which made the machine's beep. (By the way, they were very high-tech, and they had some sort of air blower in them, which made me scream. >_<;
Anyways, they were all admiring it, and they wanted to borrow it. XD;;

The statue was beautiful, and Adraine and I acted like total touriests. We were taking pictures of everything, especially the replicas, and saying "Photo Opt!" Every few minutes. XD We also got lost. After, I got loads of soveniors, including ones for Paige, Malinda, and Erin. Sorry, guys, I won't tell what it is. XD

I also went to Ellis Island, and we got lost there too. The ferry was taking off, and we thought it was ours, and I was scared out of my mind that my parents were on it.

I had New York Pizza, too.


Oh yeah, there was a blind guy on the subway, singing for money. He was good. Max was just staring. >_> I thought it was sad...I almost started to cry, but insted prayed.

I'm leaving the hotel and going to a condo tonight. There's going to be a room I share with just Adraine, and a TV. I hope they play cartoon network, so I could watch FMA. I also hope they have internet access.

Okay, that's about it for now. Hope to type another entry tomorow!

(Those are from my journal)

After that, we went to a condo in Pennsyvania.
It was great, like living in a house. There was a creek nearby that we wadded in. We went swimming almost everyday, and horse-back ridding.

The whole reason we went on the trip was for my cousin's wedding, but we made a big vacation out of it.

His wedding is in New Jersey. I haven't seen him sense I was 3. The wedding was VERY fancy. Crystal candeliers, fancy food, people in fancy outfits, chocolates, and more was there. It was really amazing. I'm so glad I got to see him. He's a really nice person.
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Jenny it sounds like you had a brilliant time

Do we get to see any pictures?!
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