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Its Offical!!

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Its offical the girls papers arrived today!!!

Dragonpass Irish Lace
Dragonpass Lily of the Valley

AND my cattery registeration is back as well

Scamperfarms is offically a CFA registered Cattery
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A very big congrats to you!!

Way to go!
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Excellent! Congratulations!
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Thanks everyone...getting the cattery thing was ALMOST as cool as when I got Vixens Papers in the those took along time to get hehe..

now i have to send in Ares papers....and i cant think of anything but Ares, LMAO

ok..well I thought

Emperor Ares Caesar of scamperfarms hehe
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very cool congrats!!
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*takes a bow* thank you thank you! I even have a frame for it hehehe
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Congratulations. I can't wait to see some of your beautiful future kittens.
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Oh that's Great, Wonderful, Marvloussssssssssss I still Love that New Kitty, it's so sweet
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heheheh thank you thank you. I will have some more pics of Ares tonight
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Congratulations...what an exciting day this is for you.
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Originally Posted by ScamperFarms
heheheh thank you thank you. I will have some more pics of Ares tonight

You better quit making me drool over that kitty Cat I might have to Cat nab him and hold him for randsom
Can't wait to see those pics
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