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I chose after Thanksgiving but I live in Canada so I start in October... , so I guess I should of chose late summer/early fall...
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
This poll was totally made for people in the US. I don't know when thanksgiving is and the seasons ARE different. I start in November.
Sorry Sam!!! You are right!!! I wasn't thinking when I did it! Thanksgiving is the end of November. Late Summer/Early Fall is more the end of August/September/beginning of October.

Sorry to everyone overseas!
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles
I hope you have a big wallet too!

That is why I have to start now I use 9 paychecks to pay for all of it....but I usually never spend over $1,000 every year.
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I like shopping after November. It puts me in the holiday spirit.
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I really dont start 'shopping' till after thanksgiving, but i already have in mind what i am gunna get. I go all out for people I am close to, and i am thinking about what i am gunna get them for the last half of the year. it is hard to shop for people who seem like they already have everything and are super picky, so that takes a whole lot of thinking and planning i think
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