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Is this One of Your Cats?

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I hope not. You better watch your cats. They may be up to something when you are at work.

Smoking in the Boys Room
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LOL! Thats a cute picture.
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Ours steal things....

Everytime we move, we find all sorts of jewelery and money that has disapeared over the course of time...

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Our Rocky has a thing about waste paper baskets. He just can`t pass one by without knocking it over.
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Actually my Lumpy girl likes to steal menthol cigarettes from hubby when he is not looking!
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At Christmas this year we had a bowl of assorted nuts (wlanuts, chestnuts etc.) on a small table in our kitchen (with a nutcracker of course )After the holidays were all over, I was doing a major cleanup of the house..behind Missy's kitty basket I found a stash of stolen walnuts :laughing: Does this mean my kitty is part squirrel?? :LOL:
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Hey Melissa - maybe you have a "flying squirrel cat" like Sandie does?!!! Hmmm what other tell tale signs... any hibernation? :laughing:
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I'll have to compare notes with Sandie on that one She a weird little kitty anyways, I love her to death in spite of her quirks
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Cary likes to play fetch with this little catnip mouse that I got for him...he hasn't started smoking, but I think I'm sending him to CA soon.

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What's in CA Cat???????
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Catnip Anonymous. :laughing:
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:laughing2 hahaha! You're right! :laughing2
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I was going to be worried if your cats needed help for cocaine addiction! :laughing:
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No, the only white powder those guys would ever get would be flea powder!!! hahahaha!

PS...I don't allow that on the cats though! EEEEEKS!
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I thought she might have meant California!! DUH on me!
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That is such a cute picture....my too - well more Jake keep getting himself into places that I can never work out how he got there and he borrows stuff of mine to play with - just wish he would put them back when he finished playing!
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