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i'm deploying soon...

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Hi guys, I wanted let you all know i am deploying for Iraq soon and I am mostly ok with it but today I'm not. It is one of those hard days for me... I am newly wed and have one semester left of my nursing school. I just adopted two kittens a few weeks ago... and this is what makes leaving hard.

This coming weekend I will go to Camp Ripley and fill out all my paperwork including survivor benefits and life insurance policies. I will be told what day I'm shipping out and the location. I will do this with no tears because I can't show emotion in front of those people. I am part of the 600+ minnesota national guard leaving to go "over there". I just joined a new unit and will know no one. Most days I can handle it, just not today.

My husbands parents want him to move in with them but won't except our new kittens. It's really his choice but I am so in love with my little babies, (and my handsome hubby) it adds so much pressure. Any one whos read my posts knows my little male has been ill and we've put so much time and money into him and to lose him and his sister along with my freedom is what is making me soooo sad today. If things at home could stay the same when I'm gone it would be so much easier for me. I don't want to bring them to the shelter I want them to grow old together.
Thankyou for listening to me, like I said; today is hard.
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I wanted to start by saying I have so much admiration for what you're doing. God only knows where we'd be without brave men and women like you.

I can completely understand why you don't want things to change, what does your husband think about it all?

Do you have any friends that could take the kittens for you on a temporary basis? I suppose boarding would be out of the question, foster care?
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What a wonderful role model you are!, I am sending all my blessings your way that everything works out well for you. I will be thinking of you!

Take care
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I'm so sorry you're having to deal with so much right now. I hope you're able to make some arrangements for the kittens that will ease your mind. Thank you for the sacrifice you're making and for your willingness to serve. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your husband.
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Oh gosh, can you talk to a local rescue group about your situation? Usually they are good about keeping bonded animals together.

And bless you so much for what you are doing. I reach my cyber hand out to you in salute.
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Jessy, I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts. Be strong and dont let anything come between you and your hubby during this time. There is so much stress both of you are feeling right now, that it is so easy to find little things to fight about. Enjoy your time together.
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Bless you, Jessy. I hope everything works out and thank you for your service to our country

I know a girl who signed up to foster/volunteer to house pets who's owners are sent overseas to Iraq. Maybe someone at the local humane society would know what this group is called. I cannot remember - I had the site at one time but have forgotten since I couldn't volunteer with 5 of my own and working full time
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Originally Posted by captiva
Bless you, Jessy. I hope everything works out and thank you for your service to our country

I know a girl who signed up to foster/volunteer to house pets who's owners are sent overseas to Iraq. Maybe someone at the local humane society would know what this group is called. I cannot remember - I had the site at one time but have forgotten since I couldn't volunteer with 5 of my own and working full time
Youre right, I remember someone posting about it. I will try to find the link also.
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thanks for the support, most of the time i'm fine but sometimes... i signed up for the army when I was 18 and i was out of the army for the past 3 years, they called up my numer and now here i am. I need to sit down and talk with my husband about our kittens but he cries everytime. I've known him since I was 14(now 25) and can tell this conversation won't take place for awhile yet. He is a thinker and takes a bit of time to digest things.
We talked of getting pregnant in January because i'll be done with school but both agree that to move up the date would be a mistake. It's not right to get pregnant just to avoid my commitment to the army.
I think everything will work out fine, this morning I had a small breakdown. Lol
thanks everyone!
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I admire you for joining the military. I wish this war would be over soon, though. I will be praying for you.
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You will be in my prayers! I truly admire you for what you are doing and am so sorry that your kittens and hbby are in a difficult situation? What does the hubby think about all this?

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In hearing of people like you, I can easily put aside my opinions about war, the president and all of the politics and tell you honestly that completely and totally I admire your bravery and integrity. You are in my thoughts and I will be hoping for your safe return to hubby and kittens...best of luck!
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Jessy, thank you for your service to our country, and for your bravery in the upcoming deployment to Iraq.

I'm glad you know that you can share your feelings here. You are among friends, and we support you.

When your husband is ready to talk, let him know why it is so important that he keep taking care of the kittens. He can either try to explain to his parents, and maybe they will change their minds and let him bring the kitties with him, or he can stay at your house with the kitties. I'm sure they will be a comfort and a distraction to him while you are gone.

I will put you on my prayer list!
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I just wanted to thank you for your service, and to say I'll be thinking of you. I hope your husband will work to keep the kittens - they can be a bit of your love still at home with him.

I can empathize...my bil (also army reserves) is going back for a second tour in the middle east, newly engaged with a baby on the way. All I can do from afar is send the most kick ass care packages.

I hope your tour is uneventful and that your tour will be shorter than anticipated.
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I really want to thank you for serving our country, and for having the integrity not to start a pregnancy for the sole purpose of avoiding your commitment. As a Desert Storm vet I totally understand what you are going through, even though I didn't have to worry about my kitties.

The only advice that I can give you is to have a serious talk to your hubby about his feelings about your deployment and your feelings regarding the kitties. He is going through a difficult time right now too and is going to need courage. It's important that the two of you talk about your fears and support each other as you work through them.

Is your husband one of those people who doesn't consider pets to be permanent family members? If so, does he know that you are? Is he moving back in with his folks because he doesn't think he can get along without you, or is there some other reason? Have you both sat down and had a conversation with your in-laws about the kitties? Maybe they can help you come up with a plan for their care.
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Good on you, hoping you come back safely
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hey guys, just an update. Chuck and I talked, he says he would prefer to keep our place(with kitties He says his parents like to pressure him and it would be a mistake to live with them. He does consider the kitties to be part of the family and said they will keep a smile on his face. I don't know what got into me, I should not have doubted him
thankyou again for your support, I am in a much more positive mood today. Lol
i am a drama queen on occasion!
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You don't need to apologize in any way! I am glad you had that talk, and you can get kitten growth reports
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Excellent news! You can look forward to your hubby sending your photos of your babies as they grow
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God Bless you and your family. I commend you for your courage and strength, and I support your efforts in extending freedom.

It sounds like you have a wonderful husband who loves you.
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Jessy thats great news. I know it was heavy on your heart about giving up your kitties. I am so glad you were able to talk about it.
You will still have good days and bad and we are here for both. Take care

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That's great news, Jessy, and must ease your mind. Please know that the thoughts and prayers of everybody here go with you as you deploy. Thanks again for your courage, sacrifice and willingness to serve!
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well guys, it might not be courage as much as duty that sends me over. I'm even afraid of the dark! But thank you everyone for your kind words! It feels good to be part of this community of kitties.
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I'm so glad to hear he is going to keep the kitties. Good luck and God Bless while you're over in Iraq. How long will you be over there? Thank you for protecting and keeping us safe.
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Safe journey when you go! have him sign up here and keep us updated - plus we can always talk cats!
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my cousin is in the AF and he and his AF buddies all foster each others pets while they are overseas. is there anyway this could be arranged?
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I can deffinatley relate to your feelings. My husband is active duty and deployed at the moment. He deployed a few months after we were married. That was a different time from this one though. I can relate to being torn between duty and desire. I dislike deployments very much, but I'm so proud of him. And I know it's my duty to support him and take care of the home front. I'm glad your husband will be keeping the kitties. We adopted ours just before he left this last time and they have deffinatley helped me. And that's helped me support him too. If you ever need to vent and even just ask if your crazy for feeling a certain way or even if you want to pass on the news to TCS that your doing well (if you don't have as much access to the internet, it varies by location is my understanding.) feel free to e-mail me! I know some of the troops over there have more access to e-mail than others but I'm a good listener and I can guarantee I'll totally relate! Just PM me if you want my e-mail address. We'll all be here for you as much as we can or as much as you need us!
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Bless you & your family
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thank you. Every one here is so fantastic!
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Thank you for helping keep this country safe. A time like this could never be easy and words could never be enough, but my thoughts are with you and your husband. Please know that your service to this country is appreciated. Be safe!
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