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No, i really dont like the thought of that!! Wouldnt eat something if they had licked it either - love my cats to bits, and one lives in my room, and when i first got her she wouldnt eat, so i had food on my bed as it was the only place she would eat, but that was stopped as soon as she was eating well, i hated it.
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Originally Posted by Chichi
Well, I kiss my cat's nose all the time. Isn't that about the same thing?
But I wouldn't drink watter from her bowl

I am exactly the same way. I have hard time of drinking/eating after my bf of three years and my parents. I am a SKEEVER. But kissing them on the nose, no problem. I know it's weird.
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I'll share food with my cat (which my bf thinks is absolutely disgusting as he won't even kiss a pet on the head =( ), kiss my kitty's nose, but if she tries to lick my lips.. no no no.
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I'll never look at a slice of pizza the same way again.
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I'm probably a terrible daddy, and will live to regret the way I spoil my babies, but.......

They sit on my lap at dinner time, with their little paws on the table, and I give them bites of my food with my fork. They think it's great fun, have excellent table manners, and I don't mind at all--I love them more than I do most people!
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Well my cats are totally not interested in anything I have. They will only eat their dry cat food. No cans, no table scraps. Thier rule! LOL, although Sasha has been known to steal on occasion, she only does it under the cover of darkness when I forget to put something away.
But I'm not opposed to it. The other evening I was eating a salad, and the phone rang. I set it on the couch and got up to answer the phone, and my ill mannered little monster Shih Tzu (I love him to pieces), Little Man, jumped up on the couch and started licking the dressing off the salad. Ah, it's just dog slobber! I ate the salad, no problem.

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I only drink after my kitties if I don't know they drank some! Watching them lick their bums then drink my water is a little too gross for me.
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Yep - Scully is terrible for stealing a drink - I shoo him away but I don't bother getting another drink.

I also give them a lick of ice cream or yogurt and still use the spoon after them
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