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Hello everyone!

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Wow, this is a really active forum! Seems like everyone is pretty nice too!
Anyways, I'm 24, married, mother of one little girl. We have 2 kitties, Gizmo the part Siamese (lilac point) that we rescued from the horse barn at 5 weeks old, and Sasha, a smallish dilute tortie that showed up at my mom's place. They are both now fat (working on that!), spayed, and spoiled! We also have 3 dogs, 2 Shepherd/collie mixes (brother Lucky and sister Sammi) and a Shih-Tzu, Little Man. They are all rescues as well. Then there's Hogan the Hamster, which we are keeping, and his 4 brothers that I'm fostering for a rescue. And the 29 gallon fishtank home to a betta, pleco, and 2 cory cats. There's never a dull moment around here! I've posted a bit, and look forward to posting some more! Nice to see such a friendly, active board!
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Hi! Welcome to TCS! You're going to love it here! You're right. Everyone here is very friendly and helpful. You should be warned about one thing, though. This site is highly addictive!!
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Welcome to TCS!!
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welcome to TCS!!
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Welcome to you, Sasha and Gizmo and of course the rest of the family!
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Hi and welcome to the forum. Its a purrfect place to meet others who love those furry little friends.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!

See you on the forums!
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hi and welcome, this is a great place to talk about furbabies!!! my husband thinks i am werid because i am always on here!! he'll be alright!!
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Hello and welcome

Look forward to seeing pictures of each and every furry/fluffy/scaly animal in your house!
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Welcome!, can't wait to see pics!
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Gizmo is the one that looks like a Siamese, and Sasha is the dilute tortie. I have some better pics, but they aren't online right now.

This is Little Man, my rescue Shih Tzu. If you ask right after he pees on the floor, I could be tempted to give him to you! (Just kidding, he's not going anywhere!)

This is Lucky, my 100 lb Shepherd/Collie mix. He's a big sweetie, and very laid back.

And Lucky's sister, Sammi. She's half his size, and the opposite in temperment. Much more reactive, etc. Still a good girl, though. And neither of them are prone to peeing on the floor!

Here's a couple of the hamsters. I'm not sure which ones they are, it was before I separated them. And they are kinda hard to tell apart! We have one of our own and 4 fosters right now.

Freddy Betta. I don't have pictures of the other fish, or the new tank, yet. It's hard to get good pictures of fish! Plus my digital camera is in the final stages of dying on me, and I can't afford a new one, yet!

I will try to find some of my better cat pics and post them later.

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Hello and
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Welcome to TCS, Amber & thank you for posting the pics!! What a lovely family. Sammi is such a gorgeous girl, she looks like she could be on Animal Planet's Dog Show - what a beautiful profile and I love her cute little feet! See you in the forums, Susan
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Hello and welcome to your family!
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Hello and welcome
I love all of the pics....thanks for sharing
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