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I dont know what my cats deal is...but shes done it since birth...i wonder if she was taken from her mother too early- not sure--
She has a fascination with biting my chin or my nose, not hard, but its uncomfortable. She can be laying there purring away, so relaxed and then she look up and try to snip my chin/nose. Anyone know what this behavior could mean? I've mentioned it to the vet and hes unsure.
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Oh yes, all my cats do this! I've learned to be aware that this can happen any moment when they're purring and near my face! There's nothing worse than a love bite inside your nose! They're not biting because they are irritated or upset. I've always thought it's because when they are on me purring away in a bliss of love, they show emotion with this love bite, almost like a kiss. Now, I can always tell when it's coming, because they will pull their head back, with a look in their eyes, as if looking for the perfect spot to bite!
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Cleo does that occaisonally too. Alex will put his mouth on our hands occaisionally when we are petting him. Cats do have a scent gland in their mouths too, and could just be scenting us. Mine will chew on things that smell like me, such as the vaccuum handle and phone antennae.
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Love nibbles. They are saying they love you!!
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I get the worst love bites from Spaz, she likes to catch you unaware and plant them on the back of your head, or on top of the ear.
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Persil does it often, not the other two - Ellie starts sucking on me and Dushka tries to hold me with her paws while giving me the most iincredibly loving looks. They all have different ways of expressing love.
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My girl ambushes me, she jump up to my face and grab it with both paws, give me a soft nip and run off. It's all over in about 3 secounds
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