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Cars & Bikes Don't Mix Well

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There was a post by Rapunzel that I saw while crusing in the Lounge this morning and a reply by Yayi that really got my dander up.
Opinions from Y'all please and no flaming please.
This is not meant as condemnation of anyone but to illiustrate what I see as a problem today. Thanks, Howard.

The relevant portion of Rapunzel47's post that got me thinking.

A few minutes before 9:30, I closed my book, put the club on the steering wheel, and prepared to go inside. Opened the car door, and out of nowhere (I swear I looked!) came a cyclist who flew off his bike and landed in the hinge of the door. How he managed that I'll never know.

I am still seated in the car as this happens, so relax, I am completely OK -- well, physically, anyway. Paramedics, ambulance, cops come and various consultations and exchanges of information take place...and eventually we all disperse. The guy is OK. A small scrape on one arm. His bike is OK. His helmet is OK. And after sitting for a little, and doing some walk-arounds, the paramedics are content that he is OK to ride away if he wants to, and he does. We'll stay in touch.

The opinion that set me off.

That cyclist was blind or something? [img]file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/HOWARD%7E1/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/msoclip1/01/clip_image001.gif[/img]

No Yayi, I doubt if the cyclist "was blind" as you put it. When we ride on the street we tend to be about as far over to the right as we can get because too many motorists don't seem to be willing to properly share the road. That said, He hadn’t seen anyone park in front of him as Fran had been there for a while reading. I'm sure she wasn’t thinking about a bike he didn’t expect a door to open, ergo, accident. They happen. The fact of the matter is it is up to the operator of a motor vehicle to look and yield to any traffic in the road before opening a door. A bicycle has just as much right to be on that road as any car and thus legally constitutes traffic. I am sorry Yayi but I think in this instance your attitude is plain wrong.
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I have a motor scooter, I know that's not the same as a bicycle, but people in cars still tend to treat me like I'm invisiable on the roads, and I am not able to ride over to the side of the road, but right there in the middle of traffic. I know that people on bikes, be it mororized or not, do tend to get in the blind spot of those in a car. So, I am ever watchful when I'm on my Scooter. I treat every car whether they're parked or not as a potentioal threat to my safety. For safetiies sake, I think both drivers and those on bikes should watch out for each other, and because a person on a bike is in a much more vulnerable position, they might want to be even MORE careful.

I love riding my bike, and I love riding it safely. I know that when i'm on my Scooter, I'm a lot more alert to everything that is going on around me than I am when I'm driving. I've been hit once and it scared me to death and gave me permanant damage to my right sholderblade. What happened was I had a green light, I was the 3rd vehicle going through the intersection and I just went through without looking. A lady in a Honda ran the red light and hit me broadside. I was really pretty lucky. After that, I have become a much more cautious driver both on the bike as well as in the car, after that.
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We don't know exactly where the bike came from, for instance, did it come from a driveway immediately behind where Sheba was parked? Did it come from the sidewalk, or did it come directly down the street? This question would need to be answered before I could have an opinion on who could have prevented the accident.
One thing I do know, is there is not nearly enough places for cyclists to ride safely. If there were, I would have a bike.
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Before I started riding (motorcycle) I took what amounted to a safety course, the BRC given by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. I was taught to ALWAYS be aware of my surroundings, to be aware of side streets that people might come out of, of parked cars with inhabitants as they might open a door, don't assume right-of-way and be very, very, wary of left-turners among others. I know for a fact that I am "attuned" to motorcycles because of my riding when I drive the car, but I have STILL on occasion been surprised by one appearing seemingly out of nowhere. It's just difficult to pick that shape out of the background noise so to speak. And a bike by definition is even worse.
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Howard, I think Yayi's comments were more in support of Fran than an attack on the bicyclist.
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I'm sorry but i hate seeing cyclists on the same stretch of road as cars.

Yes their able to weave their way through traffic but i've seen at least 3 incidents where they've actually scraped someones car by squeezing through at the traffic lights.

Over in the UK most of the busy areas where i live have a special lane for cyclists, but not all of them use it.
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Actually over here in most states that would be illegal since while the cyclist is on the road it is considered a vehicle and is subject to the same laws that apply to cars and other motorized conveyances. It is called "lane-splitting". I believe California allows it, and a few others. Of course that doesn't mean they're not going to do it. It's also illegal to go faster than the speed limit after all.
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Using a bike is, for various reasons (none of which are the lack of a car), my only mode of transportation around the city and my primary mode overall (I use the car only to go where public transport doesn't). So I can understand both sides of story, the "door zone" being one of the most trecherous parts of any ride.

We have a saying in the CLBF: You take up your space, we'll take up ours.

It is the responsibility of both cyclist and motorist to follow the set of rules particular to the mode of transport and to watch out for the other. It's a 50/50 slpit. When one or both parties, usually both, don't do their job, then accidents happen. In this city, at least, cars and bikes tend to respect each other on the road the vast majority of the time, which makes me thrilled.
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Originally Posted by Kellyyfaber
Howard, I think Yayi's comments were more in support of Fran than an attack on the bicyclist.
Me too.
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Ok look folks 1st please let me say again as I did in the opening of this thread.

This is not meant as a condemnation of anyone or their actions or opinions!!!

If I offended you Yayi or hurt your feelings I apologize. All I meant was that like many motorists (not all) your comment appears to place the blame on the cyclist.
The thing about IMO is that this is the forum where we can express our opinions and discuss our differences like adults, or so I hope.
This particular situation is one where there is no way to blame either party I believe and I believed that when I started this thread.
Being able to see this situation from both sides I know how easy it is to miss seeing a cyclist when driving. Or to not see someone in a car about to get out. We all have other things on our minds as we go through our lives. Fran never intended to open her car door in the path of that cyclist anymore than he deliberately looked for a door to run into.
The only thing I really wanted to do with this thread is to raise some awareness of the hazzards that cyclists confront when we ride in congested urban areas.

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Originally Posted by BigKittenDaddy
The thing about IMO is that this is the forum where we can express our opinions and discuss our differences like adults, or so I hope.
Relax, Howard! Thats what we're doing!
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Maybe I oughtta up my Prozac dosage for a couple of days. I seem to be wound up a lil too tight lately.
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Originally Posted by BigKittenDaddy
Maybe I oughtta up my Prozac dosage for a couple of days. I seem to be wound up a lil too tight lately.
Maybe this will cheer you up. http://funnyjunk.com/p/drugcats-jpg.html
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