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Scarey Episode w/My Cat

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Hi. I'm a newbie here (although I've lurked off and on for quite a while).

I recently had an episode with my Cat, Fred and I still don't know what caused it. I hope someone here can provide some clues. Sorry this is long, but I'm clueless as to what happened.

Early last week, Fred vomited a couple of times (he has never done so before). I thought he might have a fur ball, so I gave him a little laxatone and continued to watch him as much as I could (I work during the day). The next day, he was still vomiting. It seemed to occur about 30 minutes after eating. I made a vet appointment for noon the next day (day three) -- this was the earliest opening they had. Fred usually likes to eat at night and I noticed that by the next morning he had stopped eating. I was concerned about him getting dehydrated and got him to drink some water. When he vomited the water, I called the vet and told them I could not wait until noon and I would be bringing him in as soon as they opened.

The vet did blood work, which came out normal except for slightly raised creatine(?) levels. His bladder was full, so they expressed it -- said there was no obvious blockage. His urinanalysis was OK. They did x-rays and everything looked OK except for one abnormally small kidney which the vet said he may have been born with. They gave him fluids and a shot to settle his stomach and told me to come pick him up. They could not find anything wrong. The vet said that if he continued to not eat or vomitted again, I should take him to a specialist where they could do a sonagram.

I took Fred home and tried to spoon feed him human baby food. At first he would only eat a little, but I stayed home and continued to spoon feed him every two hours for the next couple of days. He was no longer vomitting. By Friday afternoon, Fred finally used the litter box. He meowed while he was using it (so it may have hurt). I checked and it was only urine. However, he seemed to really perk up a little after going. Before too long, he was eating his cat food again, playing, and seemed like he was completely OK.

Over the weekend, he continued to seem fine (eating, using litterbox, playing, etc.). While, I'm glad he seems to have recovered, I'm a little concerned that I don't know what made him sick. Is it possible that a urinary problem (other than a blockage) could have made him that sick? The only other thing I can think of is that he ate something that took a while to get out of his system. I recently moved and there might be something that the previous owner used (pesticide, etc.) that Fred may have ingested. In either case, this may happen again if I don't find out the cause. Any suggestions?

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Sounds like you did all the right things. You saw your kitty was ill, you tried to self-correct it, when that didn't work you got him to a vet who gave you his input. Sometimes cats just get ill and no cause is ever found. My vet calls it NDW (Not Doing Well). Or SWFOUN (Sick with fever of unkown origin.

Continue to watch Fred and be sure he is eating and drinking. YOu might want to invest in a pet fountain, as that encourages most cat to drink more water. If he has a relapse I would take him to feline specialist. Those professionals really know their stuff!
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