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Engagement Stories

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If anyone wants to share their engagement story I would LOVE to hear it!! I like listening to all of the interesting ways that guys (or girls) proposed.
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No big story here.........we just sort of decided it was time ( we already had a son together ).

But we did have a wonderful wedding. We chose to go to Denmark ( we were living in Germany at the time ) to get married. We had a weeks vacation there, we got married in a town right on the sea. It was a wonderful week, very relaxing and romantic. Our son who was 2 at the time was there with us, and I wouldn't change any of it for all the money in the world.
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My husband & I had been "talking" marriage for a while but I didn't think he would propose until months after he did (he kept saying it would be romantic to propose on Valentine's Day). On Christmas day we went back to my parent's place after having dinner with his family. We were alone, as my family was at my grandmothers. The lights were out & we were sitting in front of the lite Christmas tree. Next thing I know he is down on 1 knee proposing.. The 1st words out of my mouth were "oh no" as I wasn't expecting it at all. I then said yes, of course!
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It's kind of long...but here it goes...

Well my husband and I met each other through some of our friends (a girl that I used to work with's boyfriend worked with my husband)...anyways we pretty much knew early on in the relationship that we were meant to be together. We loved each other very much and their was just that "feeling"...if you know what I mean.

Anyways, when our 1 year anniversary came around we went out to dinner at an upscale resturant (an boy was it expensive!), but it was worth it. The whole time that we were at dinner we talked about alot of things. Including: friends, life, and just general stuff. Well, at one point he mentioned us getting engaged and asked me what I thought about that. And I told him that it wasn't like we were going to get engaged that night or anything. (Little did I know that he was going to propose)!

So we ate dinner and got the check and everything and then Mika (my husband) suggested that we stay and have some tea. I didn't really want to, so I told him that we should go home now, but he insisted that we stay, so I said ok.

So we sat and talked some more and all of a sudden he looked nervous and he started to play with his napkin so I asked him what was wrong...he said "nothing" and he asked where the bathroom was. I told him that I didn't know and that I though that it was up at the front of the resturant. So, he got up then he said, "no I think that its over here" and we walked over to me and got down on one knee.....

I was SO SHOCKED and SURPRISED!! I didn't know what to do or think!! He got down on one knee and he told me that he loved me and he knew that I loved him and he said a few other things then he asked me to marry him. I started crying and I couldn't believe what was happening!! And of course I said yes! Then I wanted to leave so that people wouldn't look at me lol.

6 months later we got married and we've been married for almost 6 months now. That is one night that I will NEVER forget.
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My husband and I were in college when we met. We were friends for two years and then started dating in the middle of my last spring semester. I just had to finish summer school to finish my degree, and Doug was there too. We dated during this time, and at the end of the summer, Doug was going into the Army and I was going home to Austin.

Well, by the end of the summer, I was getting curious as to what was going to become of us. I mean, since he was joining the Army, we were going to be separated, but our future had never been discussed. Finally, I just asked him what we were going to do, did he want me to wait for him? Should I date other people? What's the plan? His answer: "I just assumed we were getting married." So that was that, and we were engaged.

He's not the most romantic fellow (obviously), and we've had our ups and downs, but it's been a pretty good 10 years, and I look forward to 50 more!
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Ok here we go....(this is the short version ok?!! ha ha) we had been dating for about a year when we went on holiday together (families and all.. UGH!). We went out shopping one day and happened to be walking past a jewellers.... I was looking in the window and stopped dead whe I saw this ring... it just really caught my eye.... we stood and stared for ages, and to cut a long story even shorter, he ended up buying if for me. BUT he didn't give it to me!! He wouldn't even let me see it again once we'd bought it!! SO we went home after the holiday and I was constantly thinking about the ring. I had no idea when I was going to be allowed to have it!! Anyway one night I came home from work, went to my bedroom and my best "little black dress" was laying on my bed, as were my shoes and hand bag, I asked my Mum what was going on and she said Sam had called and asked her to tell me to get ready to go out. So after showering etc, I got dressed in the outfit and went downsatirs, Sam was waiting for me all dressed up in a suit!!! Anyway, he wouldn't tell me where we were going, but he took me to the BEST Chinese Resturaunt ever, there only about 2 other people in there other than the waiters. We ate the staters and the meal, had a coffee etc, and all of a sudden, Sam started to go red and started fumbling around in his pocket.... he stood up and then got down on one knee and proposed!!! I couldn't believe it!! It was wonderful though and he looked soooo nervous bless him!! Like I would say No!!! HA ha ha a... of course I said yes..... then he took me to the theatre to see the performance of "Phantom of the Opera" It was a wonderful evening and one I'll never forget. The best bit though is that afterwards he told me he'd written this really romantic speech, but when he came to do it he was so nervous he forgot!! I loved that.... sooo sweet! Its been a year and a half now and Im still loving every second!! (Im trying to put lots of "lovey" smilies here, but for some reason my computer is freaking out and won't let me!! DOH!!)
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My husband and I decided to get married on the day we met, about 5 hours after I sat down at a classmate's table at a crowded concert in a bar. My tipsy husband-to-be hit on every woman around the table before he sobered up a bit and sat down next to me. I was making fun of his friend, whispering to him a bunch of goofy insults about his friend's hair and his loud laugh. The friend said, what are you guys whispering about? and I said, off the top of my head, "He asked me to marry him". Then we talked for hours and decided it wasn't a bad idea. We got married a year later, and we've been together for almost 7 years now.

The actual ring part of the engagement was almost as odd and unromantic. My mom's Avon lady told her about a jewelry store that was going out of business, so we went there to look for a ring. We were both students and couldn't afford much. The DeBeers rule of "two months salary" would have used up a quarter of our student loans... There was a huge crowd around the engagement ring counter, so I looked at some others while I waited. Then I saw a ring with my birthstone (garnet) in the shape of a heart with 6 tiny diamonds around it. That was the one I wanted, and it cost less than my analytical chemistry textbook that term...

As unconventional as my engagement was, it is not the most unromantic story I've heard. A couple I know had been dating for a while, and one night went to the pub with a group of friends. They were sitting apart on opposite sides of a big round table when the guy pulls a little box out of his pocket, tosses it across the table (lands in a puddle of beer) and says to the woman, "Here, this is for you." She opened it up and there was her engagement ring. They've been married for 20+ years and have two kids, so I guess she said yes, or at least shrugged and put the ring on.

My mom and dad had a traditional romantic proposal. They'd been dating for 4 years, since my mom was 14 and my dad 18. On Christmas eve, my dad was at my mom's parents' place for the holiday celebration, and was getting dressed in his suit in a bedroom. He called my mom upstairs, he said he had lost a cufflink and could she help him look for it. She went up and sat on the bed, while he was on his knees looking under the bed. He came out with not the missing cufflink but the ring. Since he was already on his knees, he was ready to propose, and did so. She found out later that dad had asked her father for her hand in marriage a few days prior; my grandfather took my dad down to the basement and set up a round of 18-year-old whiskey, and I guess since my dad drank it without flinching he was allowed to marry my mom. In the following days, my mom's 14-year-old sister almost spilled the beans several times, but they managed to keep it a secret and surprise my mom. They have been married for 32 years. Just a bit different than mine...
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Well, I am always willing to share this story...Jake and I have been together OFF and sometimes on for 10 years (since we were 15). At one point I couldnt stand him anymore, he felt the same towards me..so we took 4 yrs. apart. I wanted nothing to do with him, however, he was my first true love, so my curiosity stayed open. I would see his parents at my old job and they would update me...they also kept trying to get my interest peaked.So one day Im working (at a Meijer, you midwest people should know what it is) and I see his mom and Im like, "Who is the hottie with her?" It turned out to be him..I hadnt seen him in about 2 yrs. SO...we chat and I tell him that we should have lunch sometime and give him my #. Then, I wait, and wait and wait for 3 days for him to call. He finally called and said he would come over after work, it was the 1st time I had ever ridden in a car with him At any rate, we were inseperable from that point on. I first saw him on Oct. 24, On Nov. 1 we went to a restaurant that we went to as teens and he told me the next time we'd eat there, he'd propose. Well, let's say by March we were living together, we got engaged on Good Friday. I went to Wendy's to get food and I tried to call him on my way because I thought someone was following me (a whole different story) so I called him..he wasnt at his sisters anymore. So when I got back he was also back and I was so upset with him for being gone. He explained that he had gone to pick up some mail at his parents. In the mean time, his brother in law was videotaping and I kept asking him what he was taping and he kept saying his little girl (Jake's neice was a newborn at the time)...So anyway, he asks if Im ready to go and then he stalls..finally he's down on a knee and I think he asked me, though all I remember is the ring and saying OH S#%T over and over..in front of my future mother in law and on tape. I was so excited...we had our rehearsal dinner at the place of our Nov. 1 date. And we have been married for almost 2 yrs. now.. Sorry I took forever with my story...but it is mine and I love it
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My husband and I met while I was in grad school and he was working as a system guy at Ford. Neither of us wanted to stay in MI at that point. I had a number of job offers, the most $ in NJ and one more interesting in NY. His offer was in MA. Asked him if I should take the job in NY which allowed a transfer to Boston or the one in NJ which didn't have any transfer possiblitieies . He said that I should take the one in NY which was really a proposal.
I did insist that he actually ask me and he proposed on this winding road in the Catskills. Road has been on commercials and was nominated 1 of the 10 best challenging roads in Car and Driver. On 1 side is a bunch of rocks and on the other a shear drop to the Delaware River. There was a turnoff on the Delaware side and he pulled over, asked me to marry him and gave me a ring. I had to sit on the stone wall over the cliff and I am afraid of heights. Couldn't have been that bad because we have been married 25 years.
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We talked about marriage for a while so it wasn't a huge surprise when my hubby unsuspectingly guided me to the jewelry section and tried to casually ask me what my ring size was. Couldn't fool me! Anyways, he knew that he couldn't surprise me so he got down on his knee and proposed right then and there. My engagement diamond is only a quarter carat but my old Major joked to me that his first engagement ring to his wife was only a tenth of a carat. I don't care for size really and I don't think I will ever exchange my diamond for a bigger one because it's the memories and significance of a diamond that makes it special, not the size. At least, IMO. Interestingly enough, when I had to go back stateside and leave my fiance' in Korea for the rest of his time there, he wanted to wear a ring to remind himself of me. So we bought one before I had left that later turned into his wedding ring.
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Ok here's my story. October 15, 2005 It was homecoming weekend at West Virginia University. WVU had pulled out a huge triplet over time win over Louisville. I was helping out the band and during halftime my husband asked my parents if it was ok if he asked me to marry him. My dad said "no" but my mom smacked him and said "yes". The next day, Oct 16th, we went to Cooper's Rock State Park, near Morgantown. I was taking pictures. Jon has never liked my camera so him not pulling out his camera was a bit strange. He was so quiet. I thought he was mad at me. haha Finally I say "let's go" I was in a long sleeve tee shirt, sweatshirt, and a jacket and I was still cold, Jon was in a tee shirt. Then he says "lets get a few with my camera" and he pulls out the ring box. I was so surprised. He got on one knee and asked me to marry him. I can't remember what I said or even what he said. I was too surprised. He told me he was quiet because he was nervous, even though I picked out the ring, and he wanted everyone to leave the rock and that was not going to happen. We went to one of our friend's apartment. The guys literately tackled him screaming and jumping. One yelled "we lost one"... haha all the girl friends gathered around me squealing about the ring and laughing at the guys. Then I had to drive the 3 hours home so I could get some homework done. That part sucked. I get home to find my parents very excited and had already had a list of reception sites ready for me to look at. haha We got married June 16, 2007, it's been a great 4 1/2 months!!
Here are some pics:

Jon and I at Copper's Rock

Jon and me in the Limo after the ceremony
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My husband and I met online, both of us were moderators (sysops) on a pets forum back in the mid 90's. We began chatting in the for sysops only forum, then privately emailing. We had a bet that whoever lost the cat photo contest being held that December, would call the other. He made sure to lose and once he called, we spoke for hours that night, and every day thereafter (except for 2 days) until we married the next October.

The proposal was kind of not typical...we'd begun talking about what we wanted - in a relationship, about committment, what was important to us in life. He told me he'd not say he loved me unless he was sure he wanted to marry me (I'd discussed some painful mistakes in my past and we both feel the word should have real meaning, not be used casually).

The day after Valentine's Day 1995, during our call about the presents we'd sent each other (and photos - we still had not met in person at this point), he told me he loved me. I said, does that mean what I think it does? He said "yes", I said "yes" and we were engaged

I didn 't get my ring until August, wore his dogtags in the meantime (to the consternation of my fellow nurses I think, who decided I was off my rocker with this whole long distance dating/engagement), and we married in October 1995.

All I can say is the longer we are married, the more sure I am that we were meant to be, and the more I marvel at our having actually found each other.
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