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Favorite Cartoon Cat?

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Who's your all time favorite cartoon kitty?

OMG! I cant believe I forgot Topcat.....I loved him to...remember his best friend...Benny! Sorry Guys!
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Has to be Garfield
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Garfield here as well
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Sylvester and Tom but you couldnt let me vote for both
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Oh Sylvester. Absolutely without any doubt!! He is just wonderful!

But as a kid Garfield was the fave. Used to watch the show, have the books and my nickname for Max is `Pooky'!
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I love Garfield, but my all time favourite cats are Top Cat and Henry's Cat!
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I voted for Tom, but lately we've been watching a lot of PINK PANTHER - does he count as a cat?
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I voted for Garfield but I really love Tom and Sylvester too It was hard to have to vote for one because like real cats the 3 of them have different "cat"analitys
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Actually, none of these. My favorite is Bucky from "Get Fuzzy". He is a one-fanged bundle of catitude.
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Garfield!! but I also love the cat in Pepe le pu. Her name was Penelope!
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Tough call! Garfield and Heathcliff were my favorites in childhood, but I love Felix & Sylvester too. Mooch from mutts is my current favorite.
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Mutts is my favorite comic. Mooch is my favorite cat in comics.
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How could you forget Krazy Kat...and his cute side kick Ignatz?
The cartoon above is from 1916.
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What happened to Snagglepuss... or Bagpuss? They were my favourites... second only to Garfield!
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I vote for Garfeild!, he always reminded me of a kitty I used to have named Tigger.
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
Garfield here as well
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There is a new Nicolodeon cartoon called Catscratch that is pretty good.
Mr. Blik, Gordon and Waffle are three feline brothers who inherited a fortune! But these filthy rich cats just can't seem to keep out of trouble... only on Nick! They live alone, but have a human butler to care for them.

But although I love my Garfield, my fav cartoon cat is Sylvester!
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I also love Cat from CatDog!
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Eben and Snooch from Two Lumps:

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My fave is Mr. Kitty from SouthPark. Any cat that can put up with Cartman is one tough cookie!
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Originally Posted by okeefecl
Eben and Snooch from Two Lumps:

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I voted for Felix the cat, the wonderful wonderful cat. I really liked Felix and of course, the Pink Panther, but he was not on the list.
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Hmmm. Good thread! I think Top Cat is my favorite, but I really love Felix and Sylvester. O'Malley (the tomcat in the Aristocats) is Great too.

What about Klondike cat? I was real young, and I barely remember. Was he the one who said "I'll make mincemeat out of you!" or was that Tom? I remember as a kid I would NEVER eat mincemeat pie because I thought it was made out of mice.
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I have 2 that look like Felix the cat, but I like Garfiled he's such a doll
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I love Sylvester, especially the cartoons where he's fighting the "giant mouse" (baby kangaroo) and/or with his son. He wasn't an evil cat, just a cat following his instincts to catch the bird or mouse. I like Tom too, especially since Bob looks like the latter Tom as drawn by Chuck Jones in the 1960s.
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My favorites are Tom from "Tom and Jerry" and Topcat.
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I'll say Garfield for now, but all bets are off if there's ever an animated "Get Fuzzy". Bucky Katt rocks the house!
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garfield! all the way!!!
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Garfield without question!
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