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Big talker

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My cat is seven years old. I love him very much, but he has a tendency to talk . . . . a lot. The time he is most talkative is in the mornings between 4:30a.m. and 6:30a.m. when we are sleeping. I check his food dish and that's not the problem. Sometimes he wants outside, but if I do let him out he will only stay out a minute, then come back in and start meowing again. I've tried giving him attention for a while, then try to go back to bed, but he will start up again. I've tried toys and catnip. He is the only cat I have and we live in an apartment. I have constructed a cat-proof enclosure on our deck so he can go outside and be safe.

What can I do to stop this extra "talking" in the mornings? It's very stressful when he wakes us up and we lose sleep for work.
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Have you taken him for a vet checkup? I think that should be the first stop, just to check he healthy.

Try to completely ignore him when he meows. If you respond to him, he's learning that by making a noise he gets your attention, if you ignore him he'll hopefully learn that talking does no good!
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My cat is very vocal....and i say something to her then she talks back...shes almost 4 so i've just kinda dealt with it i guess...apparently your cat is trying to get your attention!!!
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My cat is also very talkative. So talkative that when I had a cat/house sitter when we went on vacation, the guy was completely confused and called all his cat owning friends for help! The sitter had met Mitts before, but didn't realize that these squeaks and meows are a non-stop occurance! I love the noises!
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Our Sunny is like that...she LOVES to chat it up with me. She says a little hello when she's entering the room, she asks for things, she even has a special meow when she sees me, as opposed to my husband or daughter. If we meow back, she will just go on and on...it's VERY cute. She isn't complaining, just talking.

I also had another kitty, Katie, that loved to howl in the bathroom and kitchen because she loved the acoustics and the way her voice would echo back to her. It was VERY annoying when I had to wake up at about 5:30am at the time for work. She wound up being quite the alarm clock!

I don't think there's much you can do, except maybe close your door at night, and maybe even block the bottom of the door with towels (extra noise insulation). Otherwise, be happy your little one loves to say what's on his mind! Lol...
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