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Meet Tosca!

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We finally decided on a name for our little puss-mog! She didn't look much like an "Emma" as the cat home called her, but we very soon discovered that she's got a flair for the dramatic She meowls from time to time and for all the world, she sounds like a lead singer in an opera. Seeing as she decided that trying to throw herself out of a balcony (Fortunately the door was closed though) was a good idea, we decided on Tosca It also leaves plenty of room for Rune to turn it on it's head. Already he's started to call her Tosset-cat (sp) which translates directly as "crazy cat". Men.... Tosca's quite a little character - I was lying in bed telling Rune that I thought she'd develop into a little personality and all of a sudden, she took a flying leap from 6 feet away and landedon my chest with her nose on mine. She's very... uhm... in your face! She's absolutely gorgeous and I'm so glad we brought her home. She's very sweet and still quite kitten-playful, and she settled in so quickly it wasn't normal! She's already found herself a hidey-hole in the sliding-door wardrobe in the bedroom - which means she can come and go as she pleases onto the bed, and she's very taken with Rune's feet, socks and sandals. God alone knows why though......

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Aww, Tosca is very pretty!
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She's lovely! Great story behind the name too
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You're so beautiful, Tosca! Welcome to the family!
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Oh Tosca is soooo adorable!!! Gorgeous pics!!! I absolutely love the white around here nose!
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What a beautiful girl!
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
What a beautiful girl!
.. sooo beautiful chick! ..
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Aww! She looks very sweet!
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sooo cute! she looks like fun!
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She's beautiful! I love black n white cats!
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Awww, she's very beautiful!
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