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Just Another Question

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I have followed the "I'd like you to meet..." article on introducting cats for the most part. It has been about a week and it's becoming increasingly difficult to keep the two apart. I live in a one bedroom apartment and sometimes the kitten escapes for a minute or two into the living room where my other cat resides. The new kitten has already been checked out by the vet and will soon be getting his second round of shots. I don't think I can wait a month or even a couple more weeks! It's driving me nuts always having to hear one of them meow because I'm in the room with the other one. There doesn't seem to be any friction between them although they do play fight under the door. However, there is no hissing or growling. I really don't want to rush things though and I want them to get along.

Would it really be that bad if I let them meet right now?

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Make it an "accidental" meeting and it should be fine. By that I mean, don't carry the new kitty into the room, just leave the door open a crack and let the kitty find its own way. Have a dark blanket handy to throw over them in case of trouble, but don't be looking for trouble and you more than likely will be fine. Don't stress over it and the cats won't pick up extra stress-
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