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FINALLY! Cheap pet food prices online!!

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I just discovered this site here.. and this is going to make so many people happy =) ESPECIALLY people who feed Merrick, like me! YAY!!!!
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Those certainly are good prices...below the wholesale cost I'd have to pay by over $6 per case of 24 (in the 3 oz. size)!
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Thanks for sharing!! The prices are good.
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We buy ours kind of line but there's a 0800 number too. It's nice and cheap
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those are good prices now to get my little ones to agree what to eat more than once ...lol
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There are some really good prices there. The Merrick 5.5 oz cans are only about $.03 more than I pay wholesale. The small cans of Nutro are a steal! I've never seen them that cheap. And the Solid Gold Katz-n-flocken is a really good deal too. But some of the stuff is more expensive than you can get at some retail places. As long as you know what you normally pay, though, and pay attention to shipping costs, you can save a lot of $!
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I just bought Chicken Soup dry and World's Best Cat Litter last week from them. They deliver UPS -- which is a pain where I live as UPS refuses to leave it by your door even with signature and I have to drive 20 minutes away to pick it up at their offices, since I'm always at work when they come around. However their prices for World's Best was very cheap, so even with the shipping costs and the hassle is still worth it. It got to me in two days too!
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I didn't see Chicken Soup listed - do they change the available brands or is it hidden somewhere? And what is the price for it?

(In the DC area, you can get Chicken Soup really inexpensively at My Organic Market.)
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Yikes, I confused the sites! I think I got something else from PetGuys (a Sherpa carrier!) The site I used for food and the World's Best is: www.petfooddirect.com, World's Best was at $14.99 for a 17lb bag and Chicken Soup $8.99 for a 6lb bag, though it was my first time buying Chicken Soup, so not sure what the prices usually are...
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They don't carry anything that I feed, but WOW, look at the price for that Sherpa carrier...I think I might be spending some monies!!
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Wow, those are awesome prices, it's too bad I live in Canada lol!
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