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Dropping by.........

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I thought it was time I dropped by!

I recently got my new wireless connection AND my computer to work AT THE SAME TIME!!! So I might be back for a long time this time, hopefully!

I really miss you guys and naturally I really hope you really have been missing me as well

Here is a little bit of update from me.........

Pollýanna has been ill again, her hairloss started again and I got some hormones for her again, but this time different hormones, that do not cause cysts like we had to deal with when we allmost lost her. Those hormones worked well, but recently I have noticed one "lump" by one of her nipples (she only has 4 left), and the hairloss seems to be back, so I will be taking her to have a checkup soon.

I am starting a new job in a week, and am sooooooooo nervous, since I havent had a regular dayjob since my son was born and am afraid that I am not ready from the depression and such, to get up every morning at 6.30 and rush out, since sometimes I dont even manage to get out of the house untill 6 PM, if I manage it at all.........

We had a nice holiday in July, went to south England for a few days, then to Crete for a week, wich was great, and then to London on our way home, wich was also great.

My little sister got married yesterday, it was a great day and she looked so beautyful. I had a little speach, but forgot to talk about the think I though of first to say when I was thinking was to say, and it would have been such a funny story, so I am still biting my nails over forgetting that

So, how have you all been?

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Welcome Back! It's great to hear from you again!

I understand the depression. If it wasn't for Aristotle bugging me I'd don't think I'd ever get up.
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OOOO!!! Good to see you! and even better the prospect that you'll be able to be around more often!

Sorry to hear that Pollyanna is having troubles again. Hope that gets sorted out soon.

That sounds like a lovely holiday, a good break, and a relaxing preparation for going back to work. Good luck with the new job!

Welcome back!
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Hi Sesselja! Nice to see you back Sorry to hear about Pollyanna. Sending prayers her way and also for your new job in hopes everything goes better than you could imagine
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Good to see you back, and hope your little kitty begins to feel a LOT better. Also, GOOD LUCK on your job, and am sorry to about the depression problem. I am hoping you are able to get around that, and if you are taking a medication for it, I hope it starts to help you feel better real soon. That is very, very frustrating to feel that way....
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Hi Sesselja!!! gosh I miss you!! never seem to be able to catch you on yahoo these days... I am so sorry to hear about Pollyanna - you know all our thoughts are with you and I hope it all clears up soon for her - give her scritches from me
GOOD LUCK with your new job - how marvellous - what will you be doing? Please let us know how its going once you start it!

great to hear from you, and I hope we hear more from you now that you have the internet all working

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Hi Sesselja! It's good to hear from you
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Great to see you again! Congrats on the new job!
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Hi Sesselja!

Good to see you back!

Sorry to hear that Pollyanna is poorly, I hope she's better soon! Sending lots of get well }}}VIBES{{{ to her!

What is your new job? Do you have to travel far to get there? You'll have to let us know how it goes when you start!

Hope to see you around more often now!
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Thank you all very much for your warm welcome!

The new job is in a school for 1-4th grades. I´ll be the "library teacher". In the kids scedules they have "library lesson" and then the half of the class comes to me and the other half has "computer lesson". So I´ll be teaching them to use a library, look for book by the alphabet, they will get some assignment that they will do with help of books in the library and so on.
The school is in the next town, where I grew up, but its not so far, it takes me about 20 minutes to drive, maybe 15 if there is no traffic. It´s gonna be a huge change though, from getting up sometime in the middle of the morning or close to noon, to having to have my son ready to go to playschool about 7.30 in the morning. I am suuuuuuuch a night person, I have never been a morning person, and with a child everything takes even more time, so I do worry about that.

Danielle, we have to work on that change of time difference so we can meet more often online! How are you anyway? You must be sooooooo pregnant by now! I wish I could pop over for a visit so see the baby - and you!
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Sesselja - this job sounds wonderful for you I know its going to be a struggle getting into the routine, but once thats done your going to love it! I just know you are! Looking forward to hearing about it when you start.

Yes we must work on this time difference - but I have a feeling when baby is born I will be online at odd times of the day and night - so we may have better luck then
yes I am sooo pregnant - just under 4 weeks to go - can you believe that? eek!!! oh how wonderful it would be if you could just simply pop on over....
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