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Yeah I was really stupid yesterday!! My friend and I we were rocking out and well we kinda headbanged a little too hard and now my neck reeeeeeeeally hurts!!!! It's like if I move it at all it feels like a charlie horse!!
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Ask your Mom if you can take a Motrin or Advil. And feel better soon, you little party animal!!!
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Ouch! Do you have any kind of muscle rub, like Ben Gay in the house?? It does burn for the first few minutes, but it works!
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Try an ice pack for 10 minutes, then a hot, damp towel for 10 minutes. Alternate these for an hour. The cold will help any inflammation in the muscles, allowing the moist heat to work and loosen them. I hope you feel better.
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Ah, moshers' cramp - I remember that oh too well!

Try some deep heat spray, it should sort it out well - or the smell will distract you from the discomfort, anyway!
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