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Last Name: Lopez
Spanish (López): patronymic from the medieval personal name Lope (from Latin lupus ‘wolf’). This is one of the commonest of all Spanish surnames.
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McDougall-Scottish-Son of Dougall, the black stranger, the foreigner, or Native of the Lowlands.
"To Conquer or Die!!"
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Bjurstrom...sweetish from sweden...I guess in 1890 is when Bjurstrom was name as a last name after a forest up there...my dad was born in canada and his father came from sweden in 1903 when he was 3 years old.....my grandfather name was Oscar Bjurstrom
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Hey you guys!!!!!!!!! Be careful! Maybe I'm overreacting, but its just because I care about you!!!
Some of you have supplied a dangerous amount of info about yourselves. Its not just what you said in this thread. Its a combination. Even people who are not members have access to these threads, right? Your full name and town are enough for a stranger to find you.
I'm not trying to scare anyone. Just be careful, please!
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Ya I know what you mean...and Bjurstroms are not really common where I live but I think they would have a really hard time to find me.......

but thankyou for caring so much......
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my last name is Fralish which was Froelich when my ancestors came over from germany and its meaning is "to frolic" lol Guess thats why i love to play so much That site also says
  1. German (Fröhlich) and Jewish (Ashkenazic): nickname for a person with a cheerful temperament, from German fröhlich ‘happy’, ‘cheerful’ (a derivative of froh ‘happy’, Middle High German frō).
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