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Near death experience...

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We have a special cat named "Hello Kitty" because she is all white and my daughter named her. She is very special because she was near death when we got her and I picked fleas off her for almost 2 hours. I noticed one day when I was vacuuming that she was deaf. I was never one to just fall in love with a pet but she is in my heart forever.
I noticed she puked once or twice and didnt really pay much attention thinking to myself oh just another fur-ball or something. Then it got to where she wasnt eatting and puking liquids that smelled horrible so then we decided its time to goto the vet. The Doctor immediately started giving her iv's and she seemed to get better. That was about $300 after that visit.
That night she got worse and just laid in the corner of the closet and could not get up.... Then we went into panic mode.
The next day I got up and called the Doctor and told her Hello Kitty took a turn for the worse overnight and she said bring her right in for exploritory surgery then I told her that we dont have alot of money but I cant let this cat die and that we were all heartbroken. She then agreed to let me make payments and to bring her in immediately.
So that afternoon they did the surgery and found a very large nut of some kind blocking her passage in her stomach and she is doing much much better and we should be able to pick her up Monday or Tuesday if all goes well.

I want to give props to All-Creatures Animal Hospital and all there staff they really do care for there patients and animals. I cant wait for our cat to be home cause it sure feels empty here lately.
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I am so glad things are looking much better for "Kitty", how wonderful you are for caring for her...

Welcome to the site..
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So glad Hello Kitty made it through her little episode. There are truly small miracles happening every day and it sounds like the staff at your hospital made this one happen.

Welcome - we look forward to hearing so much more about this little survivor.
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Welcome to TCS. Thank you for sharing your story.

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Poor Kitty! I am glad she will be ok. They sure work their way into your heart quickly, don't they? Welcome to TCS.
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Oh, what a touching story! I'm glad she made it through the surgery! Sounds like she is trying to use all 9 of her lives!
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That's a heart-warming story! I'm glad Hello Kitty (cute name!) will be okay!
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I am glad she is better. And it was great of the animal hospital to offer payments for you. When I had a kitty that was dying they refused to even look at her because I didn't have enough money. I lost her that night so it is very wonderful that they worked with you to help her.
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I was so touched reading your story and I wish you and 'Hello Kitty' well. My white cat, Persil, was on the point of being PTS at Christmas when a wonderful vet offered to do surgery on her to try and mend her ruptured diaphragm. It was successful and now she too is a very special cat. So extra good wishes from Persil to 'Hello Kitty'. We know what you are going through and are so glad it is turning out well.
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I am glad to hear Hello Kitty is doing better - there is a special place for those people in the vets office that helped you.
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