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Possible fleas YUCK

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Alright so Ares just got here. YAY...but my dad thinks he might have fleas. YUCKO! I had him in his own little room, which he has already managed to break out of ! and being that I am working..i cant corral him back in until my neck break.. lovely.

I treated him with revlolution the second he came out of the carrier. I had some extra laying around. Thank goodness.

And i am going to get some flea bath stuff..

What else do you have to do? I have never had fleas before.
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Izzie had fleas when I first brought her home, although I wouldn't describe it as "infested". I treated her and Charlotte for fleas with Frontline. It sounds like you already treated Ares, but if you have other cats who might come in contact, then I would think you'd want to treat them as well as a precautionary measure. Fleas are little jumpers!! Also, you probably want to make sure you vacuum well. I've read in other threads that cutting up a flea collar and placing it in your vacuum helps to kill fleas after they've been vacuumed up.
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i vac everyday. boy it will cost a mint to treat with with rev again. everyone of age has been treated....and steve is bringing home a bunch of flea collars tonight..one for the Vac. too
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I haven't tried Revolution...we use the Frontline Plus, it works great and only needs to be applied once a month.
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One dose of Revolution should do the trick. You will see fleas jumping off her tonight but you'll notice they are lethargic and don't jump much. By tomorrow they'll mostly all be dead. Then just make sure to vacuum really well and your problem should be solved.

Don't do a flea bath. It's more likely to hurt the cat than the fleas.
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hmm well we did the bath....along with the rev. hes fine springing around here like a wild man. lol it was just some special shampoo..smells good too lol

But all in all i think we did the trick. hes not itching, i dont see any fleas on him and i will be super vacing today shortly.
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