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How long after spay will she use the litterbox?

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Sugartoes was spayed Thursday. I got her home Friday night. Now it is Sunday, and she has not had a bowel movement yet. How long is too long?

She also has very little appetite. I'm told she was not fed Wednesday night. But after the surgery, she did eat a little dry food. Well, she used to love canned food, and would slurp up the gravy. She has only eaten a few bites of food Saturday, and nothing yet today. I even added some tuna, and she just sniffed. Tonight I will try Whiskas.

She is not dehydrated. She moves around, sleeping on the windowsill, then under a dresser-both normal spots for her to nap. She walks slowly, but I expect that. The incision looks like it is healing well.

Am I just overreacting? How long do you wait after surgery for a "poo" before you have a vet check?
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Do you know if she passed anything at the vets, before you got her back on friday? I know you said she has not been eating much but thats still a while...

I'd probably be flipping out by now, is there any way you can get hold of your vet on the phone? I dont really have any advice, I'm sorry - I hope she is ok
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No your not over-reacting, i think you're under-reacting. Your cat should be eating and is at risk of serious problems like hepatic lipidosis if it doesn't eat. Please contact your vet immediately.
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Well, she just ate a few pieces of pork tenderloin. I will offer her something before bedtime, and again in the morning. If she doesn't eat more, she can go to the vet tomorrow for bloodwork just to be sure.

I spoke to the foster agency contact, who doesn't seem too concerned. But she will take her in if I insist.

She is a foster cat, and I send her to the foster agency contact person, who takes her to the vet. If she goes, she will be gone from 7 am to 6 pm as dh drives her in on his way to work. I would rather keep her home, where she is used to being. But if she doesn't begin eating I'll send her tomorrow.

She also lost her last two kittens a week ago, one to adoption and one to another foster home with other babies to play with. I think she might be depressed!

Thanks for the advice.
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Well, she just sniffed the Whiskas, and walked away. But she then nibbled on some deli turkey, and ate about a teaspoon of tuna. I left the Whiskas and Science Diet Kitten food down for her. She is resting quietly in her window.

I will keep a close eye on her intake. I truly love this little kitty, and really want to see her happy again. If I wasn't fostering, I could keep her in a minute! And her tortie baby, too!
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Well, the thoughts and prayers are working. At my bedtime kitty check, Sugartoes did have a nice big poo in her litterbox! I am thrilled, and I'm sure she is feeling more comfortable.

Thanks to each and every one of you!
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As for bowel movements, I'm not sure about cats, but my dog didn't poop for a whole week after his leg surgery last month. Someone told me it had something to do with surgery, their system "slowing down" or "shutting down" or being "delayed" or something (will have to check that again, but it made sense).
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I know that in nursing school, when I went through the surgical rotation, making sure the bladder and bowels were working after a surgery were very important. That is part of why I was so worried.

I saw her eating dry kitten kibble this morning. Today I left the kitty room door open, so she can socialize with my other two cats. They have had several hours of supervised time together, and after a few hisses and growls from my kids, they just stare at each other.

Hopefully the other cats and my dog (who she doesn't mind) will help her not to feel lonely. And after she recovers, she can go on to her forever home!
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